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Listing Presentation

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Michael Kind

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Listing Presentation

Seeing Beyond the Bricks and Mortar It's as much about the Lifestyle As it is the home It's about seeing... ...the whole picture Proactively Addressing all the
Pieces of Selling Your Home Strong Web Presence Top Level Promotion Direct to Buyers Listing with Michael Kind High Resolution Pictures... ...and Video Direct to Agents & Brokers MLS Broker Tour Personal phone call
to top 20 Buyer's Agents
in your area. Understanding Your Goals to Get the Best Price... ...In the Least Amount of Time Preparation Reviewing the Market Analysis, Days on Market, Your Homes Best Features & more... Knowing your Competition... Staging Consult ...to Determine to Best Price Professional Sign & Lockbox Communication &
Accountability Weekly Showing Report with Feedback Weekly phone call to discuss market activity
and any changes in the marketplace. Negotiation through Closing Creating your Best Case Win Situation Assist you in arranging interim financing if necessary. Handle all the follow up on a contract being accepted … all mortgage, title and other closing procedures. To Achieve Your Goal Michael Kind, REALTOR
(215) 609-3310
ThePhillyKind.com Marketing terms of your home subject to change depending on price point and agreed upon fees and terms. Getting Ready In addition to internet advertising... The good ol' sign, flyers and social media...with lead capture, of course.
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