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The Civic Mirror: Connections to our Society

No description

Conal Nicholls

on 10 June 2015

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Transcript of The Civic Mirror: Connections to our Society

As a result of the simulation, this has made us
generally better people within our society.
Our Experience
The Civic Mirror: Connections to our Society
A little bit about ourselves: Were rich ( +4,000/Year Income) good neighborhoods and had top WB points.
We had it all yet we wanted more...
Lessons Learned
No such thing as a perfect world...
Connections to Reality
Problems in our Simulated Experience:
Understanding the Laws
No one is above the law we all must abide by it.
Proving an injustice is not easy.
Laws are here for an important reason, they keep us safe and attempt to keep the public content
Its ILLEGAL to go in an apartment you don't own and evict the tenants.
Understanding the Government
Election Process
You don't have to be in the government to make a difference
Can bring awareness to your problems through an MP
Understanding our Society
Learned more about the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
How they are proposed and passed (majority and minority)
Cant be tried upon newly created laws for a conflict that happened prior
Liquidating your assets is a transfer and the courts can rescind all of those transfers and collect those funds to pay the judgment.transfer and the courts can rescind all of those transfers and collect those funds to pay the judgment.
Something about a constitution here
3 Distinctive branches of Parliament
Minority government
1. The Call
2.The Nominations
3.The Voter's List
4.The Campaign
5. The Voters
6.Election Day
7.The Count
8.The Winner
The end :)
Corruption in the Government
The Apartment Tenant Scandals
Society within a society
Our original intentions at the start of the game was to overtake the government and distribute the money evenly. But then we became apart of it.
The welfare system was poor, in a sense that the government tried its best to horde all the money with no goals of improving our society with it. Many people weren't happy with this including us.
As the rich people in our society, we had to keep up our part in the simulation and "simulate" the real world experience where the rich people would screw over the poor.
During our second session, we hijacked a computer and evicted an individual from his apartment.
We got caught and tried for our crime.
Another session, we sold an apartment with all the tenants in it and the new owners "blew it up"
Moral of the story: No such thing as a perfect world.
Our last problem was that a group of students made their own self sustaining society within Caborbob.
This is a problem because:
Didn't benefit our economy
Was a spot for organized crime
Created discrimination
Mass production of Industries at the expense of our Environment
Many people bought trees, all with the same intentions: To build a power plant.
This is a problem because after the first session, their was a surplus of power units which in turn hurt our economy. Owners had to lower their prices to compete with rival industries. Power was just one example, this happened to farms, schools, and even security.

Our solution to this was to secretly blow up some power plants but this plan came to a short end as we ran out of time.
Tips to becoming a great politician:
Lie, Cheat and Steal
A lot of people are lazy, the welfare systems like a prize to them
Better invest your money, think and do research before buying.
Main issue in the game for workers were market competition. I was the only person with Security for sale, thus I was able to inflate the cost per unit until a few variables came into play.
The government put caps on the price of goods
Other people created security industries
Industry Competition
Real World Connection
This article is referring to the ongoing war with "The Big 3" Telecommunication networks against the new comer businesses like Wind Mobile. Rules are being put inplace so that the smaller companies can expand their services more easily with caps on the towers "The Big 3" can purchase.
This is similar to our Civic Mirror expierence as
we had laws in place that limited the sales of units of anything to the consumers to a maximum of 2 (Power).
Also, we had laws on the maximum price that a industry could sell its units to the public, being $700.
Another problem was people were living off our welfare system after it was developed. These individuals didn't have jobs or any intentions on obtaining them which impacted our game in many ways.
Encouraged economic inactivity
Punished the hard workers
How did we solve this?
We didnt...... thanks Obama....
To live in harmony in this world, you can't have a selfish mind set and a "Lone wolf" attitude. We as human beings tend to live around others as its in our nature. This means getting along, assisting our neighbours and contributing to the community in a positive manor that in the end helps us reach new accomplishments and milestones.
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