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Kashflow template

Russell Gillard

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Template

Marketing Update 22nd January 2013 KashFlow Numbers Church St, Birmingham Jan 30th 5:00pm 9.30pm 30 + attendance Coffee and alchol Rhi, Stu, Patrick and Aida Urban coffee January Estimated 2524-2821 2969 Events Birmingham Target Split Testing Homepage Marketing Update Try KashFlow Features Try KashFlow Website City A.M. Stunt PR Birmingham Co-existing event with a local networking company Joining 70 people attending We are paying for a drink per attendee Short introduction speech We are sponsoring Birmingham Entrepreneurs Mini Business cards with promo codes Thomas St., Manchester Feb 21th 30 - 40 attendance Drinks and nibbles Rhi, Stu and 1 support Trof Northern quarter Manchester March 14th 30 - 40 attendance Drinks and nibbles Rhi, 1 support and 1 marketing Venue TBC Nottingham +19.9% Positive language improves
customer perception of product Negative language damages brand Coverage Business Zone Tweets This little lady Pricing Page Akademy Continuous
Improvements 85-95% Homepage 16.5% Decreased contrast between font colour and page colour aids legibility by being easier on the eyes. +43% Height and size of text increase
legibility of content Need further testing in off-grey colours +46.5% The need for a subtle push to increase
conversion rate over obtuse changes +30.4% Larger buttons have improved click rate Highlight of 'free' increases signup Performed +1.3% Testimonials with photos help to
convey trust and fact Business Review Tweets Accountants
Events 101 tweets
#BreakTheMould 91 tweets
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