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technology in the future

No description

yousuf khan

on 30 March 2012

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Transcript of technology in the future

Future Technology Designed by Peter
Norris, this two-seater off-road
vehicle is powered by electric
motors that are located within
each wheel hub that lower its
center of gravity and improves handling.
The name Taranis is taken
from the Celtic God of
Thunder. This God is
often portrayed with a
thunderbolt on one hand
and a wheel on the other
. This is pretty intimidating
to see behind you at a set of
traffic lights. The car is amazing
and looks awesome. Imagine driving a
monster like that. SMART Glasses are developed based on a transmissive display technology from Nokia. Not only can the overlay images on the surrounding landscape, they can fully work outdoors in the daytime by adjusting the contrast. I think this is great when bored. Most of the cars on the site don’t even look like anything that could actually move. This car is an amazing example of things to come in the future but looks impossible to drive. yet the best scientists of the world are thinking up a way to hover without engine energy. The Crowd was designed in Germany by Philipp Schaake. It has won the second place under the LIFEBOOK category for Fujitsu Design Award 2011. This design plan provides a notebook. It looks wiered and hard to understand. but maybe after a while people could get used to this crazy piece of future technology. this is a link for more info:

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