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Book : Holes by : Louis Sachar

No description

Sadrah Jenkins

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Book : Holes by : Louis Sachar

Book : Holes by : Louis Sachar

Prezi done by : Sadrah Jenkins

Man VS Nature
Man Vs Nature : Man vs nature conflict occurs when a particular character is opposed to natures forces.

In the book the Man VS Nature conflict was Man vs nature conflict occurs when a particular character is opposed to natures forces.
Internal / External Conflict
Internal Conflict : Is the struggle occurring within a character's mind.
External conflict :Is which a character is grappling some force outside of him or herself.
With that being explained , It can also be known as Character vs. Self For example, you could say that Stanley was mad at himself for what happened to Zero. External conflict, which occurs on the outside, could be Stanley dealing with the desert.
Man VS Self
Man VS Self : An internal conflict towards ones inner self.

In the book holes Stanley talks back when another boy confronts him in the "Wreck Room."
Man VS Self
Man VS Self : Man vs himself' is a type of narrative conflict where the protagonist struggles not against an external enemy but against himself.

When Stanley tried to pull himself out of his hole, but he was too exhausted. That would be a Man VS Self conflict in this book.
Conflict Resolution
Conflict Resolution : The process of ending a disagreement between two or more people in a constructive fashion for all parties involved.

The conflict resolution was Stanley Yelnats gets to go back home with his best friend zero.
What Point of View is the Story told in ?
Holes is a story told in the third-person point of view. That means that the voice telling the story sees everything and knows all the action. It's as if they are watching and narrating everything from above. This viewpoint is helpful because we can see all the action of the boys, the Warden, and the camp counselors. Neither Stanley nor Hector is telling the story through their own viewpoint.
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