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Short Story Diagram-"The Stolen Party"

Elements of Plot

Kristen Morrison

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Short Story Diagram-"The Stolen Party"

Rosaura the daughter of the maid, was invited to her rich friend Luciana's birthday party.
Rosaura's mother disagrees, and doesn't want Rosaura to go.
Rosaura's mother tells Rosaura that Luciana is not her friend and only sees her as the maid's daughter.
Rosaura's mother eventually lets Rosaura go to the party. So she gets her ready, making her look beautiful by doing her hair and starching her dress.
When Rosaura arrives at the party she asks Luciana about the monkey and she is told that she is allowed into the kitchen to see it.
Rosaura meets a little girl who asks her who she is
Senora Inez asks Rosaura to help serve hot dogs and cake
Rosaura participates in the magic show with the monkey
All the boys and girls get presents when they leave
Rising Action
Rosaura thinks that she is going to get both gifts: the bracelet and the yo-yo
Senora Ines hands Rosaura two bills instead of the gifts and tells Rosaura that she "really and truly earned this."
Falling Action
Rosaura's arms stiffen and then she "pressed herself against her mother's body."
Rosaura's eyes had a "cold, clear look" as she looked at Senora Ines' face
Senora Ines stood there with her "hand outstretched" as if she didn't dare take it back
Short Story Diagram
"The Stolen Party"

background of the story
characters and setting are introduced
all events that build up to the climax
actions drive characters
tension builds
Rising Action
the most important/critical part of the story
decisions and actions of the characters determine the outcome of the story
events that occur after the climax
conflict is unraveled
Falling Action
final outcome of the story is revealed
loose ends are usually tied up
Common Assessment
August 27th

Plot Diagram
Phrases and Clauses
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