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University 101 - Ch. 3 - Time Management - Pt. 1

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Jim Kaufman

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of University 101 - Ch. 3 - Time Management - Pt. 1

Don't Waste your Time.
You only have so much!
Things can come up it's a part of life! Be ready to move stuff around but...
What is Time Management?!
Managing time effectively to be successful and lead a stress free "balanced" life.
- Procrastination is the gap between the time we plan to perform a task and the time we actually perform it.

-Or waiting to the last minute to do things

- One of the biggest issues with students!

-If students can avoid procastination, they will be successful in college!
Look around you and see how much time we really use effectively.
The number of interrupters are phenomenally large. We look and feel busy, but in fact we are often not as overwhelmed as we think.
- Planners

- Email Reminders
- Phone Reminders

BUT HOW CAN YOU MANAGE YOUR TIME WHILE IN COLLEGE................................................
Why is it important to Manage your time?

- Learn to balance...........
- School/Studying
- Life
- Work
- Family/Friends
- Activities
- So do
take on more than you can handle
College Planner
Make conscious, productive decisions.
It's simply planning, scheduling, and structuring your time to complete tasks you're responsible for efficiently and effectively.
Potential Pitfalls:
You may think you are managing your time carefully, but:

You may be going through the motions, reading on autopilot.

Have you managed your time?

The quality of what you do is more important than the fact that you did it.

Managing your time is about managing your attention.

Attention management is the ability to focus your attention, not just your time, toward a designated activity so that you produce a desired result.

As a college student one of the most important tasks you must make time for is........
* Partying:

* Social Networking


* Work


- "work Hard, play hard"
-do your school work and assignments then have fun
- Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc
Jersey Shore, Sports Center, Pretty Little Liars, Monday Night Football
- Do not put work before school, you can always make more money and have nice things after college. Find the right balance between work, school, and play.
Its great hanging out with friends and family but make sure they are motivating to put school first!
And lets not forget..
Study material
* Make a To-Do List for the week
*Break larger Tasks into smaller, easier to handle tasks
*Don't forget to Say "No" if you have other important things to do
*Don't Procrastinate
What we gain from time management, in essence, is not more time, but a better life.
Bad time management =
STRESSIN' OUT with everything you have to do?!
Avoid it!
-These tools will save your life in college so know how to use them!
In college and in your career, time management will be one of your biggest challenges.
PLANNING, PLANNING, PLANNING!!! And then following through!
Many of us try to cram more into our lives:
1 more activity,
1 more experience,
1 more obligation.
To manage your time, you must also manage yourself: your energy, your behavior, your attention, your attitudes,
Suggestions worth trying: (SEE PAGE 74)

1. Have a plan for your study session; include time allotments for each topic or task.

2. Capture "Killer B's".

3. Keep track of what derails you.

4. Turn off your phone or tell other people you live with that you don't want to be disturbed if a call comes in for you.

5. If you are working on your computer, work offline whenever possible.

6. Take 2 minutes to organize your workspace before beginning.

7. Learn to say "NO"!

8. Slow down.

9. Actually use a timer.
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