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I-9 Completion and HRP

No description

Sarah Goggins

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of I-9 Completion and HRP

How to Complete the I-9 Properly
I-9's: The Right Stuff
Purpose: To ensure that
staff have the knowledge to accept completely correct I-9's
A few facts about I-9's
I-9 Audits
717 cases since December have been closed ( 566 'real'; 151 'not real')
3:40 mins= Average time to search for an I-9
3:46 mins= Average time to find an I-9 that needs to be relabeled, indexed, corrected, case made and info recorded
1:05 mins= Average time to make an I-9 case
2 months= average time it takes to receive I-9's from clients
7 emails= average number of emails to the client
HRP: Entering I-9 Info for New Hires
HRP: Entering I-9 Info for Established EE's
Purpose: To ensure uniformity between I-9 cases
I-9 Client Communication Protocol
Form I-9's: Get 'Em Done
(Correctly & Efficiently)
Step 1: Send initial email (I-9's due in 7 business days)

Step 2: Follow-up phone call after 3-5 days

Step 3: Send 2nd warning email after 7 days that explains foreseeable termination of employee(s)

Step 4: HR manager or account manager calls client

Step 5: Send final email stating the date the employee's will be officially terminated and client follow-up steps
Did you know?
the I-9 can only be completed post offer

the I-9 must be completed within 3 days of the employee's first paid workday

all applicable areas must be filled out or a memo explaining corrections/additions must be attached

there are fines up to $1,100 per I-9 for failing to comply with federal requirements
As of Jan 2009...
clear HI islands

holograms (state seal and Hawaii)
Older version...
Newest version...
American Passport
Permanent Residence Card (aka 'Green Card'/ Resident Alien Card)
Foreign Passport and Temporary I-551 Stamp
Employment Authorization Card (aka 'work visa')
The holder is given authorization to live and work in the US permanently

These cards do
need to be re-verified
Current version since 2010

Issued by USCIS under DHS since '97
Before that RACs were issued by USDOJ, Immigration and Naturalization; have NO doc #'s
Machine-Readable Immigrant Visa w/ printed notation
Stamp provides employment authorization and identification for one year

be re-verified
Issued by DHS and
be re-verified
The alien registration number does not have an "A" on the front
Usually good for 1 year
Foreign Passport with Form I-94 Stamp
The Arrival/Departure report
be re-verified

Some who present this doc (like non-immigrant students and exchange visitors) can present Form I-20
Passports from Micronesia and Republic of the Marshall Islands w/ Form I-94
First Warning
Final Warning
You will start to see ID numbers starting with 'S' as well
*Be sure to cc HR & acct mgr
*This is to be sent from the HR manager's email account and the process of receiving I-9's/information from clients is now in their hands
Birth Certificate
Original or certified copy of BC issued by state, county or municipal authority or outlying possession of the US and has official seal

Certification of Birth Aboard and Certification of Report of Birth is issued by US Dept of State
*Be sure to cc the HR & acct mgrs
Ensure employee has the Form I-94 or the stamp
Social Security Administration
Dept of Health & Human Services
How to tell if it's real...
Initial Email
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