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Long live libraries4lifelong learning.

Advocacy for libraries and teacher librarians.

Audrey Nay

on 2 April 2012

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Transcript of Long live libraries4lifelong learning.

Long live libraries4lifelong learning http://photopeach.com/album/17fvkv5 The Hub http://hubinfo.wordpress.com/ A QUALIFIED TL IN EVERY SCHOOL Hub Members Georgia Phillips, NSW Leonie Paatsch, VIC Media Liaison
Sharon McGuinness, NSW The Hub is made up of representatives from all around Australia. New members welcome, especially from TAS, NT, ACT. Georgia is an active environmental campaigner and the political activist of The Hub. Leonie, a mum, is concerned that the profession of teacher librarianship won’t last long enough for her return to the workforce. Sharon has a talent for writing letters to the editor that made it into print. Campaign for Quality
School Libraries in Australia Inquiry into the School Libraries and Teacher Librarians We don't need Teacher Librarians now- we have google! Right? Wrong!! 1986 2nd bub PPT St Xaviers Woy Woy http://www.asla.org.au/ Australian School Libraries Advocacy Kit Try these "Tips of the day" from:
American Association of School Librarians (AASL)
http://advocacytipoftheday.wordpress.com/ Please consider signing our petition now:
A Qualified TL in Every School.
Over 2900 and climbing! "I think maybe BER libraries will be self service!" J. Connolly find time to visit :http://schoollibrarywebsites.wikispaces.com/ #NSWDET
#tlchat http://hubinfo.wordpress.com/action/ The Hub -Action TL page on The Hub http://hubinfo.wordpress.com/tls/
Ten ways to advocate beyond your school walls 2000 started in the library. 2004 Became 0.8 Permanent Part Time nswtl listserv OZ_TL listserv The Hub #blogED
#TL group Twitter 2009 Library blog
Parents blog
Teacher blog
Teacher Librarian blog Gwenyth Jones Collaboration between Universities Who will provide this service for all teachers implementing the National Curriculum? creating lifelong learners-
better futures for our young people Inquiry into the School Libraries and Teacher Librarians Wonderful Wizards of Aus! Federation Policy-Stocktake
http://www.nswtf.org.au/TeacherLibrarians/all.html New Start Teacher
Survival Livebinder So much... http://chteacherlibrarians.blogspot.com/2010/01/at-library-full-version-grammy-winning.html Bill Harley **Use music as an advocacy tool evokes emotion enthuses powerful tool works like magic! http://chteacherlibrarians.blogspot.com/2010/04/gotta-keep-reading.html Local TL network CSU Graduate Diploma active support What is the main cause of illiteracy? POVERTY! Krashen. READING reading reading reading writing, spelling, grammar, overall academic achievement.” School Libraries Public Libraries MUCH greater FEAR!! http://news.csu.edu.au/director/latestnews.cfm?itemID=1513A6D497F4EA1B0416DB86FD82E9B5&printtemplate=release How many schools in Australia already have NO teacher librarians? Long Live Libraries4Life Long Learning http://sandylibrarian.blogspot.com http://favouriteweb20things.blogspot.com blogging can provide
a wonderful web
advocacy tool my favourite web 2.0 tools http://www.audreynay.com/ http://chteacherlibrarians.blogspot.com/ http://parents-partnersinlearning.blogspot.com/ My School Library http://myschoollibrary.wordpress.com/ theory practice Long live libraries4lifelong learning!!! Online survey http://nswtlnet.wikispaces.com/ NSWTLnet wiki connect exchange access & contribute ask questions answer questions share challenge Learning Services Team CLIC Curriculum and Learning Innovation Centre http://chteacherlibrarians.blogspot.com/2011/03/2010-professional-teachers-council-nsw.html Writing on the wall for library revolution Nominated by ASLA (NSW) for the media award parent rep Federation of P&C plan significant activities join the 'campaign'. TL group Yammingpool General discussions If we fail to take advantage of these recent, high profile opportunities afforded us by the advocacy of so many (School Libraries Inquiry, Public School Funding, Softlink support for school libraries....) Can you spot the TL? advocacy Thank you for this invitation today to share the story of my involvement in advocacy for teacher librarians, as a profession, and school libraries including my participation in “The Hub.” Welcome all
and a special welcome
to my fellow
“wizards of Aus”. I am in awe of all of you-relentlessly
performing magic everyday,
in so many ways,
in your learning communities. While re-training I discovered huge gap.. Lyn Hay's article Writing on the wall for library revolution “schools need the professional expertise of a teacher librarian to get the best from these new and improved facilities.” Hay, Lyn Whilst many schools are getting new or refurbished libraries through the BER, they remain under resourced for the actual fundamentals such as recurrent funding and teacher librarians. Teacher Librarians are working hard, trying to read the “right books” to ensure that we support learning opportunities for their students. Anyone know the magic spell
for getting this right? We need to work together,
stir the pot enough,
to achieve these changes. Way too many! Library Happenings press above the green line for music to play Lyn Hay's article:
Calling top teachers into the school library (for parents) http://issuu.com/joycevalenza/docs/annualreport610/12?mode=embed&layout=http%3A//skin.issuu.com/v/light/layout.xml (mythical) School Library Annual Report: http://schools.natlib.govt.nz/sites/schools.natlib.govt.nz/files/school-library-annual-report.pdf "I was flabbergasted and saddened to find that TLs were constantly and repeatedly challenged by a range of institutional, cultural, management, technological, interpersonal and staffing pressures in their schools." Advocacy Tools and Strategies I employed Teacher Talk My Parent blog: The Hub members "do not see ourselves as a lobby group as such or even as having a strategic campaign. Instead, we try to raise awareness of the issues as we see them with examples to inspire others to act and information on what our colleagues are doing." We wish to work as a think tank for our professional associations -in collaboration, not in opposition. Wonderful Web
Advocacy Tool: nswtl.net site (not listserv) was a great support site for TLs but we needed a 21C space to compile much of the wisdom and knowledge of the group. We did not want to loose all the valuable archived info... TLs support each other Media support was vital and many articles contributed to the awareness of our commnities about the need for school libraries and Teacher Librarians across Australia. http://hubinfo.wordpress.com/action/library-advocacy-in-the-media/media-release-on-inquiry/ THE rush by schools to use Building the Education Revolution funds to build or upgrade libraries highlighted an estimated shortage of teacher librarians of between 2500 and 3000, according to the Australian School Library Association. 15 parents, authors, academics and teacher librarians formed
The Hub: Campaign for Quality School Libraries in Australia. I heard of a proposal that with the merger of SLIL and CLI it would mean that although there would be a School Libraries and Info Services team there was planned to be major withdrawal of support for TLs. More troubles in TL land Parent support for school libraries In 2009 at Coffs Harbour Network Meeting
discussion was raised about introducing the
strategy of prac students /student teachers
visiting the teacher librarian and our school
libraries while they are on their placements. It is imperative that our new teachers understand the role of the TL in our schools pracresources wiki https://pracresources.pbworks.com/ 13 Public Hearings
387 submissions http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/ee/schoollibraries/hearings.htm ... and the new chair was quoted in the ASLA committee’s last media release: Committee Chair Ms Amanda Rishworth, MP, said, ‘The Committee is very pleased that this matter will be revisited by the new Education Committee. What happens once the report is tabled ? The Hub has been targeting Principals, teachers, parents and the media. Our wish is for more of us to gain the opportunity to speak at Principals conferences. The Hub has also created a website to inform
parents about quality school library services. The almost completed Inquiry came to an abrupt halt
with the announcement of the Federal election. In October 2009, The Hub launched an (online petition) to the then Minister of Education, Julia Gillard, for a federal review. The petition with 1600 signatures was presented through federal MP,
Sharon Bird, Chair of the House Education Committee in November. After much lobbying by many associations Australia wide we were very excited that in March of 2010 Julia Gillard had asked for a House Inquiry into School Libraries and Teacher Librarians in Australian schools. Although the teacher librarian community was most excited at the potential of this Inquiry, they were astonished to learn that they only had 5 weeks to make submissions! Throughout this limited time, using the wonderful web tools we now have at our disposal, The Hub members and many other interested TLs encouraged other interested people from and TL’s to prepare a submission in the Inquiry either as an individual or with their network It was vital that we work on getting the almost finished Inquiry reinstated as soon as possible so the report could be tabled. http://www.aph.gov.au/hansard/reps/commttee/R12958.pdf NOW Many people, teachers and especially TLs rallied to the cause and lobbied against this unjust change using twitter and the listservs to spread the word. As a result of everyone's efforts, the SLIL team
is together, now placed in the (Learning
Services Team) and has a team leader again.
The 3rd cataloguing librarian has also been restored to the SCIS team. Terrific!! For equitable learning opportunities, and I strongly believe that we are duty bound to provide equitable learning opportunities for all, school library services run by qualified teacher librarians must be provided to all school ages and abilities, regardless of religion, race, gender, language, physical or mental impairment, geographic location or socio-economic status. I taught K-6 in primary Catholic and
NSWDET schools from 1979. hashtags allow you to follow your areas of interest. Magic of twitter- another web wonder! Social media is accessible 24/7.
You have a powerful tool that is
surprisingly easy to engage with. I also initiated and
actively follow:
#austl for Australian TLs I actively use the #ozteachers for all Aussie teachers I strongly encourage TL’s to follow the global: #tlchat By October 2010 Magic wand
had been waved successfully.
The spell had worked! Parent support continued: “Unfortunately the lobbying by voters
(parents) has fallen on deaf ears,”..... after “all that research,
taxpayers money, done previously should not go to waste.” S. Larsen Significant progress has been made through the holding of the inquiry.
The media knows about TEACHER librarians, now!
ASLA, the CBCA, The Hub and others have succeeded in getting
excellent articles into the nation’s papers. More principals are starting to look at
the research about school libraries. Parents are asking why their school doesn’t have a TL. Universities are looking at how to extend their programs. And politicians are starting to understand what can be done at all levels to improve student literacy and learning through school libraries. The education librarian at SCU proposed a collaborative project aimed at creating awareness and facilitating discussion about the value of teacher librarians and the school library to the students. The idea was to have real teacher librarians (and any interested principals) talking about the value of school libraries and teacher librarians to beginning teachers. You can view these on YouTube @subscriber pracresources Yammer NSWDET social media space Allowed me to raise the profile of School Libraries
and Teacher Librarians regularly Much discussion has occurred Where to from here? http://livebinders.com/edit?id=54466 Maralyn Parker won the 2010 Professional Teachers' Council NSW Media Award for "Writing on the wall for library revolution," which attracted over 80 comments. I initiated and follow the #NSWDET hastag which has now changed to #nswdec Even if it is a struggle to reach.......we need to be determined.... If we don’t stand up and be counted.....there will be none of us left to count! Long live libraries4lifelong learning!! Peter Garrett, Minister of Education, agreed to the resumption of the Inquiry Teacher librarians make a significant contribution in our schools and we look forward to sharing our findings on how to enhance this valuable community resource."
Ms Amanda Rishworth, MP **Advocacy from University education lecturers . then we loose our position to be effective educators in a world where information abounds and misinformation confuses, where digital literacies surround us and transliteracy (the ability to read, write and interact across a range of platforms, tools and media from signing and orality through handwriting, print, TV, radio and film, to digital social networks) needs our specialist support and guidance. What happens when the report is tabled on May 23? All done and dusted? Our work starts with earnest
if we want to see any of the recommendations acted on
and instigated. No way! http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/a-qualified-teacher-librarian-in-every-school.html Letter to the Editor - Coffs Harbour Advocate http://www.ala.org/ala/issuesadvocacy/advocacy/whyineedmylibrary/index.cfm We could try an Aussie version
of "Why I love my library." Manifesto for 21st Century School Librarians
(Updated for Urgency) http://schoollibrarywebsites.wikispaces.com/New+Manifesto Are you a 21C librarian? http://schoollibrarywebsites.wikispaces.com/Reports Produce an annual report to highlight your achievements. @sandynay Credits:

http://media.photobucket.com/image/stressed%20cartoons/E baine/jokes%20cartoons/Picture21782.gif?o=2

*Suspended animation aussiegal flickr

*App on iPad Simple Minds +mind map

*Penguin video

*J K Rowling article from:

*Witches Clip Art CC

*http://hubinfo.wordpress.com/ screenshot

*Petition image http://hubinfo.wordpress.com/ screenshot

*The Hub http://photopeach.com/album/17fvkv5

*“Teachers and Librarians” Coffs Harbour Advocate *Screenshot of nswtl.net/info/index.htm

Library Happenings tagul http://tagul.com/preview?id=331@5

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I created tagul from the url of the blogs minus the more common words such as and, am, a, the…

Yammer wordle from Damian Wanstall Yamfire

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7 Unis screenshot pracresources wiki

Pracresources wiki http://pracresources.pbworks.com

So Much To See, So Much To Do @your library

YouTube Giraffe

Gwenyth Jones SLJ “Things that keep us up at night.”
Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson

YouTube Ducks http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ducks+blown+off+their+feet+by+the+wind&aq=2&oq=ducks+ I have added some of my notes to the original prezi so that it makes some sense when viewed. It is not how I would deliver a prezi to an audience. Audrey Nay Enjoyed and appreciated the support and advice of the various available social media forums:
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