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Safavid Empire

By: Lizzy Castano, Lauren Palavecino and Alex Brown

lizzy castano

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Safavid Empire

By:Lizzy Castano, Lauren Palavecino and Alex Brown The Safavid Empire The Safavid Empire
By: Lizzy Castano, Lauren Palavecino and Alex Brown Safavid Government *The Safavids descended from Safi od-Din, and the Sunni branch.
*The Empire ruled from 1501 to 1629.
*The official religion of the Safavid Empire was Islam.
*The official language was Turkish. Summary of the Safavid Empire *Their main rivals were the Ottomans.
*They fought over land, and they believed in a different type of Islam.
*The Ottoman empire was older and stronger than the young Safavid empire. The Safavid's Rival Empires * The Rise of the Safavid Empire *The Safavid state was one of checks and balance, both within the government and on a local level.

*The government was divided into public land and royal possessions.
*The public land was under the rule of local governors, or Khans.

*They created a military group for political power called the Kizilbash (red heads) because they wore red hats. Safavid Economy *The Safavid dynasty was founded about 1501 by Esmail.

*In 1501 he captured the city of Tabriz and made it the capitol.

*His family will become the rulers of the Empire, as they all claim to be descendents of the prophet Mohamed. Safavid Religon The Rule of Shah Abbas The Fall of The Empire *What fueled the economy was trade, especially with England.
*Their exports were horses, goat hair, pearls and an inedible bitter almond hadam-talka used as a spice in India.
*Imports were spice, textiles (woolens from Europe, cottons from Gujarat), metals, coffee, and sugar. *In 1399 the Empire switched from Sunni to Shi'ah.
*Sunni is usually described as orthodox.
*Shi'ah accounts for about 15% of Muslims today. *In 1587 Abbas became Shah.
*He re-modeled the army by using prisoners of war and modeling the army like the Ottomans.
*In 1599 Abbas moved the capitol to Isfahan. *The Safavid Empire fell in 1629.
*When Abbas died in 1629 the empire took a turn for the worst and also failed that year.
*The Empire split into many small states and is present day Iran.
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