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Recap of 4th Grade enVision PD

Annotated lesson presentation focused on management and engagement strategies that support the 4 Step lesson design of enVision delivered on 2/5/13

Christina Baroldi

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Recap of 4th Grade enVision PD

Please fill out an evaluation,
Thank you. OUSD Instructional Specialist enVision Select lesson or standard Building a test Select students to assign item to, being mindful of date window Assign a pre-built test in the same way STEP 1: Communication Objective and Activate Prior Knowledge (APK)

(2 min) Communication Objective- exactly matches the independent practice students are going to successfully complete as a direct result of instruction. Center Activities, Diagnosis Toolkit, and much more! Printable resources Online Teacher Edition Monitor and review class progress Monitor and review class progress Monitor and review class progress View, assign or modify test Select test items then finish and preview Select Topic or Standard Click on a selected item to view or complete Supporting student login Search and assign a game Check on Lesson Progress under Reports Students may access any part of a lesson, it will only record quiz score. Watch the date window! Choose the students and click on “save” Select the lesson to assign Select the Topic Pearson SuccessNet.com STEP 3:Develop the Concept:(21min) Visual Learning Bridge, Guided Practice & Independent Practice Today, we will identify the attributes of three dimensional objects and name the plane figures that make up the faces of solid figures and justify our reasoning using academic vocabulary such as edge, vertex, face, net, rectangular prism, rectangular pyramid, cube triangular prism, cone, cylinder, and square pyramid. Communication Objective View the lesson and all resources Select desired criteria Point out enVisionMath banner and To Do Scroll through the results

STEP 2: Develop the Concept Interactive (15 min)

This step is to guide students in developing the concept through interaction. It is meant for student discovery and is a critical component. Communication Objective:
Participants were able to discuss and collaborate on best instructional practices such as time management, teaching strategies and routines/procedures necessary for delivering the multiple components of the enVision 4 step lesson design to support successful implementation in their classroom. Outcomes solidified understanding of the implementation of enVision as a district.  
Clarification of the steps in the 4 step lesson plan.
support the lesson plan design of enVision with management and engagement.
Overview of technology to support implementation   Recap: Quick Check (2 minutes) Differentiated Instruction (10min) STEP 4: Close/Assess & Differentiate Independent Practice & PS (5 min)
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