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My project of Antarctica, a special thanks the Mr. Sheffield. Every effect I use I either MMade my self, or taught by Mr. Sheifeld.

Lewis D

on 17 June 2010

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Transcript of Antarctica

Antarctica Animals Bibliography Whales Blow bubbles to keep the krill in the same place then eat them. Albatross http://curlewmedia.com/images/Royal_Albatross.jpg Have a wing span of 3 metres! Treaty Treaty Tells people what not to do: Mining Killing/taking animals Climate Climate The climate controls everything. If it is to hot... Then the ice will melt, changing salt to water ratio, killing all sea life. Bases Bases British scientists drilled through layers of ice and down the bottom they had their bases away from storms
base, away from the storms and temp change base, away from storms, temperature changes and more. http://www.gettyimages.com/.../86177229/The-Image-Bank Land The land doubles in size in winter Land This was a brief explanation.
But wait, there's more! You may exit now if you wish. The following contains tonnes of information. After that, we must move on to a more... detailed add-on! ANIMALS CLIMATE BASES FOOD CHAIN LAND EXPLORERS HISTORY TREATY
Life in The freezer(information) The climate controls everything. Global warming is doing more than
you think. It's in the name global WARMing, the warmth is melting the ice in Antarctica, changing the salt to water ratio killing all sea life... You wonder how will it kill all sea life? Well it's simple. The plankton (and other animals) need the salt to water ratio to stay the same.
The plankton are at the bottom of the
food chain. Break one link of the chain and it all falls apart. So without the plankton and
other creatures, then all sea life will die or
things will get out of hand and sea
creatures might start to eat us when we enter
the water. http://media.photobucket.com/image/antarctica%20edges/rofljawsh/antarctica-4.jpg http://www.penguinworld.com/images/macaroniL.jpg http://www.arved-fuchs.de/husavik/seals/Seals/leopard.jpg You may have noticed my pictures, I have picked these 2 animals because they are extraordinary. Macaroni Penguin The macaroni penguins never give up, at some times they may not be the smartest animals.
Did you know that these penguins ride in on waves then grab on to rocks to climb to their babies!
Why couldn't they just go around? Leopard seal The leopard seal is one of the biggest enemies of the penguins, (the picture shows this) but it's nature. If you have too many penguins then there isn't enough food. The leopard seal is never in a hurry to finish their meal. Instead it just plays with it. A game of cat and mouse can go on for about 20 minutes. After it's finished eating it drops the carcus on the sea floor, for other animals (scavingers) to feed on. The brief explanation of the treaty pretty well sums it up...But
I can tell you more about it. About every year the United Nations get together to make a treaty. You may think why do the United Nations have to make a treaty? Why can't the Native's make a treaty? Well, that's because there are no natives of Antarctica. The treaty is a set of laws The land size of Antarctica doubles in winter, because of all the ice.
The ice in the middle can go down for miles. Antarctica is an amazing place, when your in most southern point of it, anywhere you step, you'll be stepping North! But when the door is closing (it's getting closer to winter) penguins find it hard to feed their young because they can't reach them, and their young have to try to get to them. http://nsidc.org/seaice/images/climatology.jpg http://www.vtaide.com/png/oceanchain.htm Everywhere has a food chain including Antarctica. As said before in Climate, take one element away and it falls apart, and that's what some people are doing! They are removing krill from the food chain, and that's not fair! There are 3-4 levels in a food chain:
Primary Producers, Primary Consumers,
Secondary Consumers, and Top Preditors. Humans are at the top of every food chain! Now let's look at the bigger picture, literally. There are lots of things that happend in Antarctica, but my personal favourite was when Chillean's tried to claim native title, by having children that were born in Antarctica. But it didn't work, because giving birth in Antractica would probable result in the baby freezing! http://chemoton.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/antarctica.jpg http://www.huonvalley.tas.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/baby.jpg http://os8thsoth.wikispaces.com/file/view/524px-Captain-James-Cook.jpg/32983757/524px-Captain-James-Cook.jpg James Cook, the discoverer of Australia, was one of the first people to get to Antarctica! There were many other explorers like...Roald Amundsen, Sir Ernest Shackleton, Robert Falcon Scott, and Richard E. Byrd. James Cook was one of the first people to the Antarctic http://library.thinkquest.org/CR0215022/explorers.htm The brief explanation of bases shows
my favourite base. It was amazing! This is not a base. http://www.abc.net.au/reslib/200802/r221477_871921.jpg There are bases everywhere on Antarctica. It is divided into 8 areas. Australia has the biggest area. The bases are located in the different areas. Scientists are
today exploring
Antarctica so
they are classified
as explorers. Mr. Sheiffeld my Brain A Giant special thanks to Mr Sheffield, and Mrs Klein For
us prezi
and Teaching us how to use it! Menu! Select what subject you would like more information on, simply by clicking on it! Bases Land Food chain Treaty Explorers Animals Land Food chain Treaty Explorers Animals Bases Thankyou for watching my Antarctic project. By Lewis All effects that I used I discovered, no one showed me. Menu Menu Menu Menu Menu Menu Bibliography: all the websites this
were found on 17/4/10. Bibliography http://www.veggie-mon.org/sunuv/img/food_chain.jpg As you can see in this picture,
even the sun helps the
Antarctic animals survive! The sun is really HOT!
And the Antarctic is FREEZING. Heat and cold don't go
well together but it's just one of natures balances. Without the sun all the sea creatures will die! 19/4/10 Unlike the old food chain, this one doesn't have the
3-4 levels. How will all sea creatures and other Antarctic animals die without the sun? It's simple. Plankton creates plankton and without the sun plankton can't reproduce. Food chains show which animals eat which animals, and as you know, humans are at the top...What a suprise, humans are at the top of all of the food chains. http://www.gdargaud.net/Antarctica/MapSatellite/AntarcticStationsMap.gif 19/4/10 http://www.gdargaud.net/Antarctica/MapSatellite/AntarcticStationsMap.gif 19/4/10 As you can see in the picture, Antarctica is split in to about 10 areas. The countries don't own that land because no-one owns Antarctica the area are used for the bases. Australia has one of the biggest areas. Antarctic land is different to most because it is covered with ice, frozen water, miles down. In winter the coldness increases making the
surrounding sea water freeze causing Antarctica to double in size. There is only one animal that lives only on Antarctic land! The Springtail (an insect). http://biologybiozine.com/images/arcticspringtail.jpg The animal that I have picked for the
more detailed part is the springtail. The only land based animal in the Antarctic! The springtail is a small insect that
feeds and lives only on land! The springtail are usually about 1cm long Springtails eat decaying organic matter and tender plant tissues! www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0Xp3X9NJ9w This video is a contribution to Roald Amundsen Roald Amundsen was the first person to reach the south pole!
Only 35 days before Robert Scott's group! http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_was_the_first_person_to_reach_the_South_Pole_in_Antarctica Roald Amudsen came from Norway The explorer you've all been waiting for, the one who discoverd Antarctica As said before the treaty is the Antacrtic laws or guide lines e.g. Mining, killing/taking animals, and things like that. Nature has it own way of how the earth should be but us humans are wrecking it and the treaty is trying to take it back to what it used to be! http://wpcontent.answers.com/wikipedia/en/thumb/9/90/Jay-treaty.jpg/300px-Jay-treaty.jpg CASEY
These are the main 3 bases at Antarctica:
Casey (Sir Richard Casey), Davis (John King Davis),
Mawson (Sir Douglas Mawson). Click here to go straight to menu All the bases are sheds that are brightly coloured for a very good reason, so people can see them easily. The boats are also brightly coloured for the same reason. Exit
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