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Capital Punishment: Then and Now

No description

Julianna Zimmerman

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Capital Punishment: Then and Now

Capital Punishment: Then and Now
More Humane: Lethal Injection
Body stays fully intact so can be buried as whole
Overlooked by a man of faith so the prisoner can rest at peace
Allowed for prisoners family to see him/her in final moments
Gave prisoner opportunity to try to get off death row before their time
No pain is felt by the person unlike that of a severed head
Only given to those charged with very intense crimes
Guillotine: Pros
Entertainment for the people
More precise & quicker for decapitation
Cheaper than prison
No guilt or blood on the hands of the executioner
Easy way to instill more fear upon the people
Simple easy design and highly efficient
Guillotine: Cons
Excuse to execute more people
Blade gets dull
Heart pumps after head is severed
Brain maintains life for a few minutes
Innocent were sometimes executed in the chaos
Used on any type of person no matter how intense the crime
How it Works
Off with his Head!!
Lethal Injection: Pros
3 easy steps/chemicals to stop the heart
Administered from another room
Prisoner can't see the person administering the drug
Get final words
No pain or feeling
Follows strict procedures
Anteroom where drug administers stay
Lethal Injection: Cons
Costs a lot of money
Doesn't always work the first time
Parents see their child die
Innocent people are sometimes killed
No evidence showing that it deters future crime
Can be considered a race issue
More Humane Continued
Not for public entertainment
Clean and safe environment unlike guillotine
Feels like falling asleep
No post-mortem movement of the muscles
All participants are kept secret accept those in injection room
No defacing of the body or basket of heads
Needle vs Blade: Which is more intimidating?
Limited Viewers vs Many Viewers
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