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Patrick Russell

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of CSUSB NURSING

The student body and faculty are diverse in age, ethnic backgrounds and experiences.

Class Size Average of 44 students facilitate a close bonding experience for each cohort. Through the program we learn to support one another, further nurturing strengths and improving individual weaknesses.

Coyote Nurses: Student Demographics
Critical Care Simulation
State of the art equipment allows students to prepare nursing skills under the guidance and safety of instructors with up-to-date technology, tools, and materials. Extra help and hours are easily accessible and available.
Clinical Life
Simulation: Palm Desert Campus
Santa's Nurses
Coyote Nurses Sigma Theta Tau: Rho Beta Chapter
Student Organizations
Coyote Nurses: Student Perspective
The Sigma Theta Tau, Rho Beta Chapter, represents California State University, San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campuses. Members are encouraged to explore our website for upcoming events and Rho Beta Chapter's involvement in CSUSB and PDC programs and community service.
Sigma Theta Tau: Rho Beta Chapter
About Us
CSUSB Nursing teaches their students to persevere, to push, to question critically, and to better themselves by accepting new experiences as new opportunities to learn and evolve.
About Us
Blood Pressure Reading
Races and Walks
Trach Care Simulation
Patient Simulation
Student groups offer many opportunities for community outreach in a variety of forums, methods and causes catering to student interests, promoting school reputation and visibility and social networking.
Biennium 2013
Educational Events
STTI membership is by invitation to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students who demonstrate excellence in scholarship and to nurse leaders exhibiting exceptional achievements in nursing.
The nursing school experience bonds all nurses--past, present and future. Nursing school is frustrating, exhausting and seemingly debilitating at times.

We support each other's strength and help to overcome our faults and weaknesses. Teamwork begins in our program and it is one of the greatest attributes we will always carry with us. It helps us to conquer even the most confusing problems. When one feels hopeless, there is always another to pick him/her up. We are a family. We are a team.
About Us
Through the foundation built upon family, teamwork and support, we learn to be independent thinkers, advocates, and thrive in adversity. We learn to appreciate the moments during which we can laugh with our friends and at ourselves.
About Us
CSUSB Nursing students look forward becoming the best we can possibly be in order to give back to those who have supported us and to pass on the gift to our community.
Thank you!
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