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LF ppt


abdullah khan

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of LF ppt

Presented by:

Dr. Sharon Kao-Walter
Abdullah Khan
Md. Shafiqul Islam

Specialkonstruktionslösningar för Tryggare Senior och Handikappsboende
Research Team
What's in Future
These research works can be divided into two major

Modification for smart housing (Indoor)

Redesign and improvement of wheel chair for disable people
Ongoing Research Projects

Prototype Development of existing projects

Research Publication

More Research projects

Start a new company

Dr. Sharon Kao-Walter
Per Olf Svensson
Abdullah Khan
Md. Shafiqul Islam
Modification for smart housing, Indoor
Single view metrology applied for dynamic control of sink height for children
Improved Solution
Easy functions cupboard Design for elderly people
Improved Solution
Shower´s easy access for elder or people with
physical disabilities
Redesign and improvement of wheel chair for disable people
An optimization Design for the Standard Manual Wheelchair
Electric wheelchair for easy access to toilet with a lifting device adapted for elder or people with physical disabilities
Newly Designed Stair-Climbing Wheelchair
Involved Students are Integrated in the
following courses:

Finite Element Method (FEM)
Solid Mechanics
Fracture Mechanics
Thesis work
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Blekinge Institute of Technology, 37141 Karlskrona
December 04, 2012

Aim of the project on Health Care
To improve the living style of Disable people

Introduce Mechanical Engineering Students to Healthcare Research area.

Involve students within the education context with potential research applications

Designing or improving any equipment or furniture which can be used for the healthcare of patients.

Based on an earlier successfully finalized EU-projekt; ”WELHOPS-Welfare Housing Policies for Senior Citizens”, 2005-2007.
4 BSc and 2 MSc theses
Quick Facts about the Research Projects
WORKSHOP at the Rehabilitation Center, Valjeviken (healthcare personal, LF Blekinge, students, researchers)
Research Work
Modification for smart housing
Redesign and improvement of
wheel chair for disable people
Annimation of Electric Wheelchair
Ongoing Projects
''Improvement and Practical Implementation of shower easy access'
''Design of a Table: For multipurpose use for children with disability''
More Research Projects
Inactivity due to illness or disability among working
age population in percent.
Kurs Projekt
Professor. Bo Helgeson
Armando Leon
Xin Chen
Modification for Smart Housing, Indoor
Redesign and improvement of wheel chair for diable people
Prototype Development of Existing research projects
Reseach Publications
Thank you for your Attention
Open a new door for Mechanical Engineering student in the area of Healtcare

Innovation and Interaction design

Emphsis on visiting to different healtcare workshop to get real data

Research contributions within healthcare both indoor and outdoor

To Publish research work in different academic publications
Explore, design ideas for the wellfair of the society and manufacture commercially.
Convert ideas into products that competes with existing market
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