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Elisabethan Fashion

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fgngf thytsy

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Elisabethan Fashion

Fashion Has Changed... Alot... alot.... But how much since Elisabethan Times? Elizabethan Times Fashion... In Elizabethan times society was split into 2 classes... Upper . . Lower UPER CLASS The FASHIONABLE clothes worn during this time were influenced by geometric shapes .. Elizabethan times upper class fashion was highly over done, as many very heavy pearls, spangles, and jewels were the top best thing back then. There clothes were designed with so many layers, that it requiring assistance to get dressed from servants... There fashion was very tight and uncomfortable for both men and women. Leaving only the lose house coat like garments when the nobility wasnt seen in public. Rather than the natural shape of the body. Padding and quilted fabric were used to gain a geometric effect that emphasis the shoulders and the hips. There fashion was designed to give the
impression of a small waist, which was
desired women and even men too, Men would also sometimes wear girdles, (equivalent of the female corset) to obtain a wasp waisted look. There was no formal middle class at this time period. However, many merchants and townsfolk were becoming wealthy from trading and services. Which they became Elizabethan times "middle" class.. Lower Class The working class differed drastically from the Upper Class not only in wealth, but also in clothing apparel. Smock or shift, also called
a chemise made of linen

Stockings or hose

Corset or bodice

Farthingale - a hooped skirt

A Roll or Rowle






Over Clothes!


Separate sleeves




Hat Over clothes: Under Clothes: Women Shirt

Stockings or hose




Separate sleeves






Hat Under Clothes: Over Clothes: Men Imagine wearing this every single day? The smocks or shirts,
and the woman's caps,
would be made of
linen or maybe tow. Everything else would probably be some sort of woolen fabric. Shoes were
made of leather
and hats of
wool felt. i Outfits Materials... Lower class clothing wasnt as ridiculous as upper class fashion but it was very bad quality. So, in general, the upper-class clothing was beautiful but impractical, the lower-class outfits were the exact opposite. There was also a lot of rules you had to follow, For e.g royalty couldnt wear purple For e.g royalty were she only people who could wear purple and gold And there was alot more rules to follow regarding your authority and what you could wear. The End.. So in conclusion you can see how drastically fashion has changed over time, and even between the rich and the poor back then and now. What Men/Woman Wore Elizabethan Fashion By Michelle Amos
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