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Wrapping Paper Dispenser

No description

Morgan Lange

on 17 February 2011

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Transcript of Wrapping Paper Dispenser

Wrapping Paper Dispenser By: Michelle Kunkler
& Morgan Lange Ask Imagine Plan We drew diagrams and made a list of materials. Supply List - pvc pipes $9.95
- wood board $10.00
- steel pins $12.00
- steel bolt $1.25
- wedges/didn't have to buy
- screws/ didn't have to buy
- sticky strips $0.99
- 3 drawer organizer $12.00
Total cost - $46.19 Create We followed our plan
and created our invention.
When we were finished we tested it out. There were some problems that
needed improved. Improve Things we improved:
-We put pins in the pvc pipes
to keep the wrapping paper
from sliding. - We added nails in the wheel
to keep the pvc pipes straight. -We added foam around the pvc
pipes so the friction will keep
the wrapping paper from spinning and unraveling when not in use. - We got a different bolt
that made it spin easier. - We put pins on the end
to keep it in place. Description Our invention is something that
stores wrapping paper and makes
wrapping gifts easier.

How it works:
The Wrapping Paper Dispenser holds up to 6 rolls of wrapping paper on PVC pipes. The ends of the PVC pipes are attached to 2 circular pieces of wood with pins. This assembly is then attached to the boot shaped frame on each end and can be locked in place with a pin. When this pin is removed, the rolls of wrapping paper can be rotated to choose the type of paper that is needed. Imagine Pictures Create Improve The Design Process Day One 11/15/10 came up with ideas for the invention
found out what supplies we needed
the imagine process Day Two 11/20/10 wrote up final draft of invention
found out what we needed Day Three 1/2/11 we did our improvements
we found out the final costs and tools for the invention Day Four 1/4/11 We put the finishing touches on the invention Finished
Product Daily Organizer Creation Steps 1. We cut the pvc pipes to the appropriate lenth. 2. We cut two circles out of wood with a jig saw. Then we sanded them. 3. Then we drilled holes in the circles that our pvc pipes would fit into. 4. Then we cut & sanded 2 wooden boot-shaped pieces to support the circles. 5. Then we cut the wooden base. We sanded it, and we also decided to add handles for easier transportation. 6. Then we drilled holes in the
circle and one in the boot-shaped
piece for the stopper. 7. Then we put a bolt through the center holes of the circle so they can spin. 8. Then we glued the 6 pvc pipes into the holes we drilled. 9. Then we put wedges inbetween the base and the boot-shaped piece and screwed the hinges in. 10. Then we put the wrapping
paper on the pvc pipes. Wrapping Paper Dispenser By: Michelle Kunkler and Morgan Lange Our Advertisement We asked our parents if they had suggestions on things that could be improved around the house. They gave us a few ideas and together we brainstormed many different ideas. Some of our ideas were the Wrapping Paper Dispenser, Remote Sensor, Baby Bottle Holder and a Children ID Strap. Some of them we did not have the time and money to do. So we decided to make something to help make wrapping gifts an easier process. - We decided that the ribbons, bows, gift bags and tissue paper needed to go somewhere too, so we added the three drawer organizer We brainstormed some ideas for ways to improve wrapping gifts. We wanted to create something that would keep the wrapping paper and other supplies organized, make it easier to wrap gifts and to keep the paper from getting smashed and crumpled.
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