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15.1 Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

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Jennifer Paschall

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of 15.1 Darwin's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection
Charles Darwin-1831
Set sail on the HMS Beagle
The concept of gradual change over time was still years away
Darwin's role was as a naturalist
Made extensive collections of rocks, fossils, plants, and animals
He hypothesized that new species could appear gradually through small changes in ancestral species.
Darwin concluded:
Evolution occurs by Natural Selection- organisms with favorable traits survive, reproduce and pass on those traits to their offspring.
Four requirements for Natural Selection:
2. Variations can be inherited
they are passed down from parents to offspring.
1. There must be genetic variation in a population.
if there is no genetic variation-there is no advantage for survival.
3. Organisms have more offspring than can survive on available resources.
only organisms with advantageous traits will survive to pass them on
4. Variations that increase reproductive success will have a greater chance of being passed on than those that do not increase reproductive success.
If having an advantage helps the organism survive, it will survive, reproduce, and pass on this advantage.
The Origin of Species
Published by Charles Darwin in 1859
Compiled evidence of evolution and explained how natural selection might provide a mechanism for the origin of species
Evolution: cumulative changes in groups of organisms through time
EQ: What evidence convinced Darwin that species could change over time?
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