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Content First Website Development

Developing websites from the inside out, from where it matters the most.

Matt Thomas

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of Content First Website Development

Content First Website Development People Revisit Websites for Content Content Images Movies Articles Files Music Blogs Classifieds Animations FAQS Step 1. Goal Webiste Mission Statement What do you want to achieve? Most important information for development Content, features, functionality in support of this goal If not, don't do it! Step 3. Organize Brainstorm topics in support of our goal About Company Products Support How to Purchase "To sell iPlone" Contact FAQs Manuals Forum iPlone4 iPlone5G Contact Purchase About Company Contact Blog Development versus Design Do you use Facebook because it's beautiful? "Development is more about features, functionality, and content" "Design tends to focus on the visual aspects" The Process in Six Steps Step 2. Ideas Group similar topics together Support FAQs Contact Manuals Products How to Purchase Forum About Company Contact Blog Step. 4 Prioritize General Topics = Higher Priority Product Categories Step. 5 Build Step 6. Design Helps maintain focus, prevent feature creep Design process is easier, content already in place and organize News Pictures News Pictures Pictures Forum FAQs Blog Products News Support Manuals DISCLAIMER: Not a real company.
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