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Creosote 2


Darren Nelson

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of Creosote 2

Double click anywhere & add an idea Creosote By: Darren Nelson Adduct formation DNA covalently bonded to a chemical Record adduct levels found in Altantic fish species Mitochondria lack nucleotide excision repair systems Killifish inhabiting an contaminated environment contains SIX times as many mtDNA lesions as those inhabiting an uncontaminated environment Jung et al. (2009) Increased expression of SATI Promotes apoptosis B[a]P metabolites can bind to
AhR regulating genes directly Questions No bacteria has been found to use
B[a]P as sole carbon source Fungi are looked at as many species have as many as 150 genes coding for cytochrome p450 Genetic engineering is a possible solution
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