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Mini-Poster Template

No description

Jessica Gregerson

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Mini-Poster Template

Materials and Methods
<Your Title Here>

The title should describe the work to the reader. Include the independent and dependent variables.
The introduction has three parts: 1) The question asked, 2) Background context—where does this question fit with what is known, and 3) Your hypothesis presented in an “If…then” prediction that structures your research.
Research Question
This section should include two sections: Materials and Procedures (Methods) in sufficient detail so that others can repeat your research.
Describe the results clearly. Use graphs, tables and charts to help clarify the results. Include a discussion on the statistics you use to describe or test your data. Save any conclusions for the DISCUSSION.
What do your results mean when you consider the original question or hypothesis? Point out the significance of your results. If the results are unexpected or contradictory, you should attempt to explain why. Be sure to point out possible avenues for further research.
Include all published works mentioned in your presentation. List in APA bibliographic form.
Data Table
Variables and Groups
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