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hunger games vs lord of the flies

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Synia Cook

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of hunger games vs lord of the flies

Survival of the fittest is also one of the main themes for Lord of the Flies. Piggy, being an example, has many disadvantages compared to the rest of the children. One disadvantage, is the fact that he has glasses. His glasses are an advantage to the others because they use them to start fires, but Piggy is always needing to take them off, so he cannot see. Even when they are on, piggy still cannot see clearly because his glasses are cracked.
The Hunger Games vs. Lord of The Flies
By Synia Cook
Similar Themes
1. Survival of the fittest
2.Importance of appearance
3.Loss of innocence
Different Themes
Survival of the fittest:
The objective of the games is to be the last person alive. Everyone participating gets to go through training before the actual games. This way, they will be prepared and have a better chance of surviving. In order to win the Hunger Games, you need to be strong, strategic, and very attentive.
Lord of the Flies:
Importance of Appearance
From the moment everyone is chosen to fight in the Hunger Games, appearance is everything. Each individual is pampered and made to look their best so that they can make the best impression and have the most support. Katniss comes out as “The girl on fire” making probably the best impression yet. Appearance is also very important in the actual Hunger Games. A good example, is when Katniss chooses not to cry because it will make her seem week.
Lord of the Flies
In Lord of the Flies, appearance is important almost immediately. When everyone gathers together for the first time, a leader has to be chosen. The vote is between Jack and Ralph, mainly because they are the oldest. But Piggy is not even in the running because he is fat, therefore, he is seen as lesser. When the time comes to vote, the majority of the group votes for Ralph, because he is much more attractive than Jack. Showing that appearance is also important when choosing who you will support.
Loss of innocence
In the Hunger Games, the tributes are just teenagers or younger. Rue, a tribute that is only 12 has to play in the hunger games and witness people get killed, or fight till their death, things that no 12 year old should have to see. Every year people wait to see who will get chosen to enter the Hunger Games, hoping they wont hear their name being called out. But hearing a child's name being called out, or even worse, your younger sister, is almost worst than hearing your own. This is why Katniss volunteers to be tribute so that her young sister will not have to go and risk her life and she will not have to go a lose her innocence.
Lord of the Flies
In Lord of the Flies, the boys lose innocence very quickly. In chapter 5, Roger decides to throw stones at Henry. He throws the stones around him, but not directly at him. This is because he still has the rules of civilization in the back of his mind. It also shows that he is not very violent but soon, that will change. In chapter 11, Roger’s savagery is in full affect, and he ends up killing Piggy by pushing a rock on him.
Hunger Games
Inequality between rich and poor
suffering as entertainment
Lord of The Flies
The Beast
Biblical References
Inequality between rich and poor
Wealth is very important in The Hunger Games. District 1 is the most wealthy, and District 12 is very poor. Katniss, the main character, is poor, and she has to sneak past her district lines to get food. Also, in the reaping ceremony, the poor are more likely to be tributes and if there is a wealthy tribute, they are usually trained and better prepared for the games.
Suffering as entertainment
In The Hunger Games a main theme is also suffering as entertainment. The whole point of the Hunger Games is so that people can see kids fighting and they use it as sort of entertainment. People viewing want good competitors, people who are strong and smart about what they are doing. They want to see people who will put up a good fight because if they all die quickly, then there is no entertainment.
The Beast
In Lord of the Flies, the beast represents the evil inside of all the boys. They are afraid of the beast, but the more afraid they are, the more savage they are, and the more savage they are, the stronger they believe in the beast. Simon is the only one to ever realize that the beast is not real, and that the beast is inside of them.
Biblical references
The actual Lord of the Flies symbolizes the devil, and Simon symbolizes Jesus. Simon is the only person who realizes that the devil is inside of them and then he gets killed or "sacrificed" after discovering this.
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