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Western Expansion

No description

Carly Rysdon

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Western Expansion

Westward Expansion
In Crazy Trails, the main characters are James, William, Henry, and Albert. In this story they meet and decide to go on an adventure out West, hoping for gold. The setting starts in Council Bluffs and ends in Oregon City in the year of 1853.
On their journey they encounter various obstacles that slow their pace
One of the biggest events that influenced our story was the Gold Rush in California. Many people in that time dropped what they were doing to go and find their wealth in gold. Most that went to go find their wealth never found it there. The other big event that influenced our story, was the idea of Manifest Destiny. This was the idea that westward expansion was justified and inevitable.
Each member of our group was responsible for different parts. Each choice merged perfectly and made sense. There were six different choices throughout the novel. Each one was written unique, and equally from the four group members. Peyton also decided to draw the characters and the Saloon, where they meet up in the beginning.
Carly Rysdon, Justin Freese, Taran Jaber, Peyton Cambier.
The story has lots of twists and turns, changing paths, different decisions, with different outcomes. Characters will die and force you to head back and choose a different path. In the end everybody is happy, even though they did not get the gold they were hoping for. The story is called Crazy Trails, because of the events that occur while on the trails.
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