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White Oak River Basin

No description

randa reed

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of White Oak River Basin

Between the Nuese and Cape Fear River Basin
Carteret, Craven, Jones and Onslow Counties are located in this basin.
Starts in the white oak pocosin
Flows in the Back Core and Bogue Sound.
1264 square miles
Jacksonville, Camp Lejune, &Crotan National Forest is located near the basin.
Basin Profile
446 miles of streams and rivers
16 cities within the basin
Population- around 200,000
0.7% of the state area
2.9% of the population
Animals in the basin
shellfish beds
greenbacked heron
sea turtles
american alligators
diamond backed terrapin
short nosed sturgeon
plant life and vegetation
carnivorous plants
long leafed pine
water lilies
pocosin wetland
water quality
10% of saltwater is polluted
4% of freshwater
runoff from
farmland ( farm and animal waste)
cities ( septic problems oil and yard chemicals )
construction sites
forestry sites
White Oak River Basin
By Britton Hood and Miranda Wells
polluted runoff causes shellfish beds to close
polluted runoff causes algae to grow and use the nutrients fish need to survive
fishing is a huge industry in this basin so dying fish kills the economy
pictures of the basin

thanks for watching our presentation on the white oak river basin
any questions?
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