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Career project

Architects Are Go!

Life Person

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Career project

Career project
A few high ranked Architecure schools are;
Cornell University, Rice Univesity, Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University(ect.).
Career project
I think that it's cool you get to make the models on paper, then bring them to life with a 3D version.
Famous Architects
A famous architect I like is Maya Lin. She is a Architect, Artist, Sculpter, and educator.
Career project
I want to be an Architect. Architect's design buildings. My grandpa was an Architect, that being his job, is the only reason I know about that job.
Career project
I remember he once told me he designed the Notre Dame University bookstore.
The Notre Dame bookstore.
Cornell University:
Rice University:
Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University:
Career Project Quotes
Habits of an Architect
Habit #2 Begin with the end in mind
An Architect must always have a plan in mind before designing the model. Though it doesn't matter the order you make the different models in, it's still good to know what one you want to do first.
Habit #3 Put first things first
To have a model published to builders, you have to do both paper model, and 3D model.
Architects plan and design buildings and coordinate
construction. Most U.S. states require lisensed architects to have specialized education and expeirence and to pass a rigorous exam."
The other parts
Besides building all the models, there is also a part were
you go on a program on the computer (Auto CAD) that you design on, and will also help with your project.
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