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Victorian Theatre Costumes

No description

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Victorian Theatre Costumes

Men's Fashion
Women's Fashion
Victorian Stage Costumes
During the Victorian era, literature and theatre flourished. Throughout this period, theatre costume was first used to play on basic stereotypes and represent characters and their emotions. Accordingly, this led to the introduction of costume designers as a career.
Image of a Hero's Stage Costume
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Victorian Costume
Prior to the Victorian era, men were the focus of fashion; however, following the Queen's rise to power, women surged to the forefront. Victorian clothes were very much a symbol of wealth, status and class. The role of women's fashion was to demonstrate her husband's prosperity and social position to those around her.
Victorian Fashion
Etiquette played a part in Victorian clothing.

Umbrellas were social indicators

Victorian dress was not complete without a cane

Victorian fashion included eyeglasses

All outfits were custom-made for the wearer. However, if a family couldn't afford custom-made clothing, they'd make their own or find used clothing
Throughout the era, Victorian style trends changed dramatically.
However, there remained one constant - the corset.

Victorian women also often wore skirts.

Older women tended to wear clothes of heavier materials; whereas younger women would choose clothes made of lighter fabrics.

Men's fashion during the Victorian era did not change as radically and often as women's.

Children, regardless of gender, would wear dresses until around the age of five.

Men would often wear coats.

Men would also wear trousers, the varying styles of which enable you to trace the time period in which they were on trend.

The evolution of leisure activities had a big
impact on men's fashion.
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