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Future Technology Presentation

Hey hope this gives you some information of future technology. Enjoy !

Georgia Griffin

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of Future Technology Presentation

I hope this has gave you more information of future technology. too finish off here are some picture. :D
Hello !!
Future Technology
Technology is all around us and is used by millions of people every year. Technology is also improving and its really surprising with the stuff there inventing now a days. The thing is , i wonder what its going to be like in the future ? Well with a bit of research ive found out some plans for future technology so without further ado lets get started !
Future house :D
Will robots be around ?
For you people who are wondering if there ever be robots well i have the answer. There WILL be robots and there will be robots with realistic human features and robots that will rescue humans from disasters.
ALSO I've found out that there is actually a robot called lucy which walks. Yea ... pretty cool huh ?
Future transport
In Texas they're making a liquid nitrogen car which is pretty cool and in about 300 years teleportation will be possible . Talk about a long wait ! Also planes will have feather weight chairs that can turn into table as well as a chair. :0
Computer and the brain
IN the future there could be dream control devices where you can control what you dream and you could be able to create a digital record of your life which would be so cool !! You could also take these tablets that can give you a better memory and alertness. Computers will be able to download your brain to a super computer! Imagine how cool that be !!
Soon homes could have web cams allowing those inside to view any angle of the house. There also could be fridges that talk to the microwave and houses with its own power generating station.Efficent glazed glass and homes with flexibility. The list could go on ...
Would you really need the technology ?
Do you think it would effect the way we live ?
Would you really trust the technology ? what happens if it breaks ?
Questions to ask yourself
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