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Position Powerpoint: Same Sex Marriage (2012-2013 Government Final)

2012-2013, senior year, government class final presentation

Allison Steahl

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Position Powerpoint: Same Sex Marriage (2012-2013 Government Final)

Position PowerPoint:
Same-Sex Marriage By: Allison Steahl Definition Marriage A Social Institution Legal commitments Among other common factors Some are essential Some are not considered as such Often preceded by an attraction to a person Initial stance: In favor of. Historical Perspective Earliest example found in Ancient Egypt Examples also found in Ancient Greece Athens Crete Sparta Ancient Rome Literary collections Japan China Emperor Nero Historical Perspective cont. Found throughout Southeast Asia Australia India Middle ages Europe Variety of decrees were placed against it Major changes made to definition of Marriage Didn't stop them from happening Netherlands Most extensive and complete records Pirates Not considered a part of society known for odd sexuality Formal relationships found Matelotage The Americas Focused more on gender inversion Still had good records for some tribes The Kodiak The Koriack The Kamchadale Records found of Same sex marriage New Mexico Peru Modern Europe Constant campaign against Up until the 1950's In the 1960's it became more accepted 1989 -- Denmark first country to legalize same sex marriages 1993 -- Unions legalized in Norway 1995 -- Same sex unions in Sweden 30 Spanish cities 90 Dutch towns Great Britain's unusual case Modern United States 1970 -- Request in California to tighten 1974 -- Singer v. Hara case 1975 -- Arizona Supreme court 1976 - 1985: Little to no activity 1977 -- Dade county, Florida prohibited discrimination 1980's -- AIDS Epidemic 1989 -- Time Magazine reports: 69%, 23%, 8% 1992 -- Newsweek magazine 58%, 35%, 7% Incidence 2011-2012 support poll 41%, 47%, 10% 2010 -- Iceland legalizes same sex marriage 2006 -- Legalized in Czech Republic 10 States allow Same sex marriage 5 states allow civil unions 37 have constitutional provisions prohibiting 3 states has no provision for or against 99.3% of all counties nationwide Support: For No one's business No such thing as a traditional marriage Lowered divorce rates Negative Stigma Research by APA Civil rights issue Marriage is not just about procreation Support: Against Slippery slope theory Religion Nothing to do with procreation Not a civil right in the first place Institution of marriage is already flawed It'll be a driving force of assimilation Marriage will be threatened with higher divorce rates My Solution My current stance: For Same-sex marriage should be allowed Flaws with arguments Compromise 1. Keep nose out of others business. In turn no flaunting 2. Create a new institution Summary Marriage A social and legal institution where two people of legal age can form a union Examples of same sex unions can be found throughout history Bans against didn't show up until 13th century Europe Later changed in the 1960's when acceptance became common Modern America Push to allow it in some areas Others adamant about not Same sex marriage should be allowed
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