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2013-2014 Annual Alliance Report

Alliance Bible Church Annual Meeting - Review of 2013-2014

Heidi Denk

on 12 April 2016

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Transcript of 2013-2014 Annual Alliance Report

August 2013 the lobby
addition was completed.

We've enjoyed our new "Gathering Grounds" and
the coffee we've gotten from the local roasters ...
500 lbs
of coffee!
How many went on short term mission trips?
Costa Rica
Summer Adventure Camps!
Short term missions
locations included:
How many kids attended Summer Adventure Camp this past year?
Which camp fills up first each year?
Basic Horsemanship!
What is one of the most unique things
we did at one of the camps this past summer?
... sewing forms made out of duck tape!
...65% who attended are not from our church.
Lots of Adventure Camp fun was
had this past summer!
Adventure Boot Camp...
challenging physical strength
and faith.

How many men came to the Man-Up! Breakfasts?
Amount of
BACON consumed
by Men's Ministries?
70 pounds!
How many groups
participated in
Faith at Work in Relationships
study (James)?
8 groups:
3 mixed groups
1 women's group
4 men's groups

3 of these groups were brand new
and 2 will continue!
How many "in the trenches" moms were mentored thru Mom to Mom?
26 moms ... who received 32 hours of practical and spiritual education in parenting!
How many in our church completed
this survey?
Thanks for your participation!
How long have we attended ABC?
Less than 1 year: 2%
1 - 5 years: 29%
6 - 10 years: 18%
10 years plus: 51%
How many babies were born this past year?
How many shoe boxes
for operation Christmas Child
did we fill?

7 new little ones!
...and how many Angel Tree Gifts for those children who's parent is in prison?
122 Gifts

delivered by
20 different
and for 10 families, this was a new experience!
How many were tutored through Acacia Educational Support this past year?
What schools were they from?

Cedarburg High School
Webster Middle School
First Immanuel
Grafton High School
Steffen Middle School
Calvary Middle School (Thiensville)
Port Washington High School
Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School
Living Word High School
Total mentoring hours?
Percentage of students who don't attend Alliance?

Guess how much coffee we've consumed this past year?!?
500 pounds!
Baptisms this past year?
Jim Wick
Grace Bultman
Joshua Bultman
Michaela Bultman
Rachel Denk
John A. McFadden
John J. McFadden
Olivia McFadden
Kurt Stauss
Evelyn Thomas
Tom Weber
Alicia Dahlman
Alia Fortney
Isabelle Doughty
Samantha Doughty
William Gromala
Jude Bultman
Louis Krick
5 children were dedicated:
Skye Jethani Weekend
How many people on average joined us for the weekend?

We averaged 230 adults & 19 children
How many meals did we prepare for Genesis Bible Church?
How many team members participated?
How many contributed to the "brown bag blessings"?
Between 70 - 80
16 students
3 college age mentors
6 adults

Spiritual Pilgrimage to Ireland
Over $11,000!
How many weddings did we have this past year?
What are our spiritual practices?
25% of us reflect daily on Scripture
29% of us read the Bible daily
51% of us pray daily to seek guidance
22% of us pray to confess our sins daily
57% of us spend time in solitude several times per week or more
47% of us tithe
How many women attended the Christmas Tea?
What percentage were invited guests?
Top songs we sang this past year:

Blessed Be Your Name
No Turning Back
This is Amazing Grace
Forever Reign
Jesus Messiah
How Can I keep from Singing
8 Adult Bible Fellowship Classes were held this past year:

Sacred Marriage
Just Walk Across the Room
Experiencing God
Sacred Parenting
Your Place in Christ

How many attended Women in the Word?
How many cups of coffee did they consume while studying 3 different Bible studies?
1600 cups
... that's a lot of coffee!
% of non-ABC attenders?
Women in the Word
How many Brinkman CD's did we print this past year?
Costa Rica
Genesis Bible Church
How much was raised at the auction for this trip?
Our Vision?
To be welcoming and loving people
To capture the hearts of the next generation
To embrace faith-based leaps
Lobby Expansion Project
110 days to complete
On time
...and on budget!
What do ABC people say are the top 5 priorities of Alliance (in order of priority)?
Helping us develop a personal relationship with Christ.
Challenge us to grow.
Helping us develop our prayer lives.
Helping us understand the Bible in depth.
Providing strong programs for children.
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