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Copy of California State University Long Beach

No description

Sylvia Palomera

on 12 October 2015

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Transcript of Copy of California State University Long Beach

Waste Audit Results
2300 pounds Landfill Waste further sorted out to show the different types of materials

Waste Audit showed 50% of landfill waste was compostable
Waste Diversion Pie
What is Sustainability?
" Sustainability creates and maintains the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, that permit fulfilling the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations." - EPA
Program Launch!
Goal Set
GOAL became to divert food/organic waste from landfill

As proposed in the Matrix suggested composting would be the best way to divert that 50% from landfills

Next Step was to figure out how to successfully implement composting in the ASI University Student Union
Compost First Steps
-February 2012 Sustain U recommends a waste audit of materials going to landfill from the USU

-Results showed that CSULB currently recycles about 2440 Tons of reusable materials a year

Sustain U
Sustainability in Your
University Student Union

Initial Steps

Program Development

Program Launch

Program Sustainability


Closing Comments/Questions
Waste Audit
Athens proposed program

American Organics Composting Facility

Accepts wide variety of materials
Brought to You by:

Associated Students Inc. CSULB
University Student Union
Sustainability Assistant
Earth Day 2014!

KBeach Radio Announcements

students and staff volunteers were at Earth Day Events promoting compost launch

School newspaper ads and articles were placed

College Beat produced videos for social media

In February 2012 conducts a waste audit of materials going to the landfill
Sample showed that 4,740 pounds of waste were audited
2,440 pounds were to be recycled at the ASI Recycling Center

Introducing separate bins

Breakdown of program:

Planned to kick off program by 2014
Program Development

Program Development
-Received Aamerican Organics Compactor

-Added Compost Bin to hub

-Did Proper Training to Staff

-Marketing Materials
Program Implementation
Behind the Scenes...
Picked up daily

Odor control: Ozonator
Once the Compactor reaches a certain weight, it is picked up and taken to the American Organics composting facility
Education "Trash Talkers"
Promotion and Education
ASI Communications developed slogan and logo
Signage posted in dining areas
Ordered "Swag"
Student Volunteers and Staff were trained to be "Trash Talkers"

Trash Talkers worked food court areas in USU
Added to "Waste Hub"

Design specifically chosen for easy food waste dumping
Program Sustainability
Promotional Video
Continuous use of "Trash Talkers"

Composting bins at ASI events
-Farmers Markets

Program Sustainability...
Key Factors To Success:
Compost Program Proposal
It Started with Students...
Spring of 2009 Dr. Dave Edwards commissioned the formation of an ad hoc student and staff sustainability committee.

This committee named itself the ASI/USU Committee and was

The first committee on campus dedicated solely to sustainability issues.
Sustain U members include students and full time staff members

Membership in Sustain U or even intermittent attendance at our biweekly meetings remains open

Sustain U functions via consensus decision making

Recommendations are made to the appropriate entity
Highlights to Date
Developed a matrix to identify and track sustainability issues

Implemented a more comprehensive recycling system for the Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRWC) and the USU

Recommended and assisted in the development of the ASI Senate’s Resolution encouraging the University President to sign the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).

Recommended and implemented hydration stations within the USU

Implemented energy efficient lighting and solar powered faucets

Water conservation through drought tolerant landscaping

Recommended waste audit to determine what materials were going to landfill from USU
ASI/USU Matrix
What is ?
Recycling food waste

Needs of the University Student Union

ASI/USU contacted waste hauler
What about the other material?
Thank You ASI Student Leaders!
Pairing of Landfill Waste and Recycle Bins
Climate Action Plan
Energy Efficiency
Throughout the USU
Student feedback
Expanding Program
Increase locations
What can you do?
Trash Talk!
Hydration Stations

Sylvia Palomera
Draft online for public comment
Created a 5 page version for a quick read
Sustain U Office: USU 230A

Contact Info: ASI-SustainU@list.csulb.edu
Aesthetically pleasing
User Friendly
Promotes plastic bottle reduction
Drought Tolerant Plants
Sustainable succulents
Outdoor Seating Areas
ASI Recycling

Plastic bottle/cans recycle & landfill bins
Pyramid recycle bins
Expanded outside USU and surrounding areas
Recycling Campaign
Promotional video series
Let's share ideas!
Session Outcomes
2015 winners of the ACUI
Excellence in Innovations for Sustainability Award
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