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White Rhinoceros

No description

Kate Munday

on 3 July 2017

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Transcript of White Rhinoceros

Here is a video of a Rhino farm
The White Rhinos habitat is a none protected area. The area is a beautiful area to be in. The habitat has a lot of food for the White Rhino to eat.

Humans want White Rhino horns because White Rhino horns cure food poisoning and colds. People poach these animals for the horns to use as daggers.
Life span
The life span of a White Rhino is 40 years to 50 years. Making the White Rhino able to live long.
White Rhinoceros killing
White Rhinoceros
This video is about the Rhino poaching in a Rhino farm
Most of these animals die from poaching. But they do die as well from the hunters hunting for food and from predators

Why want and poach for horn

White Rhinoceros
This beautiful animal is found in South Africa.
Height: 170 cm – 185 cm (Male) · 160 cm – 177 cm (Female)
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