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No description

Tahani Alhosani

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of Creativity

Training Program
introdused by:
Shaikha Al kuwaiti Fauzeia Al buloshi
Umme Habiba Khaula Al meheiri
Tahani Al hosani
How to start a creative climate
Characteristics of the creative person
You are in a creative environment when:
Six major creative thinking principles :
Why creative thinking
Hang man
By the end of the training the participant will be able to:

Identify the importance of creativity for supervisorsز
Know how to generate new ideas or original solution
Establishing and maintaining a creative work climate

KWL Activity
"The hardest thing to understand is why we can understand anything at all"

Albert Einstein
the characteristics
Seeks problems
Enjoys challenge
Able to suspend judgment
Sees problems as opportunities
Doesn’t give up easily
Be Positive
negative thinking
Separate ideas generating from evaluation
Test assumptions
Avoid thinking
Create new perspectives
prudent risks
Where good ideas comes from?
Six eggs in the basket and six people
each one should take an egg
but we still need to see one egg in the basket ??????
Develop Your Potential Beyond the Boundaries of Intelligence
Rapid Growth of Competition in Business and Industry
Effective Use of Human Resources
Discover New and Better Ways to Solve Problems
Builds on the Nature of Knowledge
Seeing tomorrow's ideas... Today!!
Two or more existing ideas are combined into a third, new idea
Without lifting your pencil, draw four straight lines that connect all 9 dots
The 9-dots problem.
• Separate out thinking so we can do one thing at a time
• Ask people to switch thinking from one mode to another
• Separate ego from performance
Signal what thinking process to use
Expand from one-dimensional to full-colored thinking
• Explore subjects in parallel
• Allow specific time for creativity and emotion
Benefits of the six thinking hats:
You need to stop criticizing or prejudging other people's ideas and should actually encourage people to share them with you.
As a supervisor
It's your job to help people turn their unformed ideas into reality by giving encouragement and suggestions and by asking helpful questions.

You must never steal their ideas or pretend they are your own or people will stop sharing their ideas with you
You must be bold and ask people for their ideas even if you appear slightly foolish for asking and even if you have a valid suggestion yourself. If you do not use their ideas, explain why not but remember to thank them anyway.

You are appreciated for what you do.
You are appreciated for who you are.
Case study
Your ideas are listened to and investigated before being judged
You feel appreciated when you suggest new ideas.
You are treated with respect and as someone who can contribute to the organization.
You are appreciated for what you do.
You are appreciated for who you are.
Kwl to write the last column
Best 2014 ad
Creative people
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