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No description

Lauren Xavier

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of Characterization

List 4 things about Selina that are shown indirectly
Thoughts (perceived)
List 4 things about Tony that are shown indirectly
Impact on Others
The Beginnings of Building A Character
What is a character?
A dynamic character is one who shows growth throughout a story. The events of the story change the character (for better or worse).
Braver/More Scared
Stronger/Broken Down
Dynamic Characters
A character who the author intentionally only gives a few characteristics, leaves details out.
Sometimes a villain
Often a side character
Flat Characters
I have included some clips of flat and round characters. Who is who?
When an author describes a character through their actions, thoughts, speech, appearance, and the way they impact other characters.
Indirect Characterization
List 4 things about Amy that are shown indirectly
Impact on Others
Round Characters
Ms. Edwards' English I Notes
Direct Characterization
Static Characters
What describes a character?
Adjectives (words describing a noun)
Tall, short, thin,heavy, pretty, ugly
Brunette, pigeon-toed, bony, waifish
Epithets (words or phrases used to label a person, usually found after)
Richard The Lion Hearted
Dog = Man's Best Friend
Mary Queen of Scots
Barack Obama POTUS
Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived
A person (or speaking animal, other moving creature) who acts within a story/text, often with other characters.
Meet Steve, the world's friendliest penguin in search of a friend in the arctic.
Steve was a plump, young, and ambitious young penguin. He was known by his friends as Steve The Clumsy One. Without his pointy black feet, he might not trip as much, but he might not get that far either.
Steve had a passion for ice dancing, even though he couldn't move well. Though he hated the slippery slopes of the ice on his feet, he loved the feeling of moving with freedom.
The way an author explicitly tells you what they want you to know about a character.
Explicit - clearly done; outright
This requires recounting important details in a text.
Could be done with verb phrases;
He loved bunnies.
She danced professionally.
Could be done with descriptions.
Actions - what a character does
Thoughts - what a character thinks
Speech - what a character says
Appearance - how a character looks
Impact - the way other characters feel based on what this character does
List 4 things about Steven that are shown indirectly - no prompt, choose any!
Characters who for the most part do not change in any significant way throughout the story.
Some villains are intentionally left static so that the audience does not feel for them.
A character who the author has given plenty of detail about. Details can be given to build a sense of connection with audience.
Characters may have;
a sense of good and bad
a deep backstory
very different interests
struggles with actions/choices
Here are two characters from the same movie. In the given scenes (and whole movie), one of them changes and one doesn't.
Can you figure it out?
Here are two characters from different movies.
Can you figure it out?
This guy, Khan, is a villain in the Star Trek franchise.
Archetypal Characters
This lady, Bella, is a protagonist in the Twilight franchise.
Sometimes simply called archetypes, archetypal characters are those who fit into a common pattern or mold.
The Orphan Hero
The Innocent Youngster
The Scapegoat
The Matronly Figure
~Let's make a list of at least three of each of these in literature/film!
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