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Learning Exceptionalities: ADD and ADHD

No description

Emilee Leonard

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Learning Exceptionalities: ADD and ADHD

Learning Exceptionalities: ADHD and ADD
Who's Affected by ADHD/ADD?
1. Keep them separated from any distractions (ex: Doors, windows, noises..).

2. Make things interesting so they are invested.

3. Have a very positive attitude and encourage them to maintain good organization by using a checklist.
Inside The Mentality
What is ADHD/ ADD?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a behavior learning disorder much like ADD, which focuses on poor concentration, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.


Attention Deficit Disorder is a behavioral learning exceptionality, which primarily focuses on children and poor concentration.

Three Strategies IDC Students Can Use...
Research studies have suggested that there may be a genetic component to ADHD. Close blood relatives with this disorder may affect an individual’s likelihood to develop this disorder (which is said to involve at least two genes). Other factors that are believed to play a role in this disorder are abnormal brain development, brain injury and environmental factors.
ADHD is diagnosed three times often in boys than in girls
ADHD presents itself differently in girls then boys
Women diagnosed with ADHD are often diagnosed in their thirties and forties
Typically by adulthood males and females receive ADHD diagnoses in equal proportions.
Women are more often diagnosed with ADD as it lacks the hyperactivity
Three Ways ADD/ADHD Can Affect Schooling
Difficulty focusing and concentrating in class
Inattention towards lessons or work
Harder to make friends
Others can limit a positive social experience
Different behaviorism's
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