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underground railroad

No description

jo bob

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of underground railroad

Double click anywhere & add an idea underground railroad :) travel about the underground railroad conductors gave food, hidding places, and transportation to the next safe place the under ground rail road was from 1861-1865 the escape routes were called stations. the slaves were often disguised as passengers. Harriet Tubman born as a slave in Dorchester Country,Maryland 1820. in 1848 Harriet desided to try escape from her plantation. Harriet took 19 secret trips to rescue others. Harriet saved 300 slaves. there was an offer for harriets capture of $40,000. during the civil war harriet worked as a nurse, scout, and an intellgence agent for the union army.
facts Route South lost 100,000 slaves between 1810-1850 there was generaly 10-20 miles between "stations" (safe hiding place for slaves) route taklen :P at stations they would get new clohse to be disguised. the underground 1810 - 1850. sites wikipedia,
national geographic
history.rochester undergroundrailroadconductor.com slaves knew a good house by the lantern in the window. library.thinkquest.org patrols searched for slaves for a living. slaves found there way by using the
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