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American Airlines

User Experience Improvements

Crystal McDermott

on 6 June 2012

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Transcript of American Airlines

What is User Experience? ISO 9241-210 defines user experience as "a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". Crystal says “User Experience is EVERYTHING between you and your customer.” Let's think about Google and Apple for a moment. What makes them so popular? What gives them such an overwhelming loyalty from their customers that even when they do produce a product not quite up to par, people still flock to the stores to buy it?

Brand perception of:
Ease of use
Focus on the customer

They care about ME and therefore...I need to care about them. AA.com
Improvements for the User Experience Why should I care? The AA Assessment - Lacks a cohesive story or focus
- Too much content
- Outdated, unappealing aesthetics
- Lacks consistency
- Poor navigation Research Start with The People In order to understand the current state and what your customers want we must start with those who establish it, the people (and that means everyone). Surveys
Contextual Inquiries
Focus Groups Most importantly, goals and priorities centered around the content needs and the key tasks of your site. How do we do this? What comes out of it? Information Analysis After researching your users you will then want to take some time to evaluate your content, especially in cases of content overload. Interaction Analysis Actions speak louder than words.
Though we have spoken with everyone involved, it is also important to watch them use the product. Different key pieces of information present themselves from watching the actions of others rather than just relying on their words alone. This will also help a site determine its main focus. Content Inventories Card Sorts Usability Studies Design Now that you have gathered in depth information on your users it's time to analyze the site's current content and interactions to determine what stays, what transitions and what goes away based on your research. Analysis The Building Blocks So what have we accomplished thus far?
We have spoken with our users, i.e. stakholders and users. We have gathered their ideas and issues to give us focus.
We have analyzed the content and the system's interactions to discover potential problems and determine what is required.

So Now What? Wireframes and Prototypes, Oh My! Questions? So once we have the building blocks in place we can then move on to what we call "wireframing". Wireframing is an important step in creating multiple iterations of a product so as to determine to best layout and navigation scheme for your customers. Once that's complete we start production. Weinschenk says: "Giving a gift triggers indebtedness, which increases the likelihood that others will reciprocate by giving you something."
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