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No description

Chris Santos

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Starbucks,

Starbucks, in my opinion has greatly impacted not only the economy and culture of Washington state's history , but the culture and economy of the world.
Major Events
Opened 1971
Created a drive-through 1994
1995 started to serve the Frappuccino
1995 Starts to make stores out of North America
Joined Social Media 2008, kinda matters
Started same sex marriage statement 2012
Economy (continued)
Makes most profit from china
Gives free coffee grounds to reduce waste
Average Starbucks-goer goes to Starbucks 16 times a month
Higher sales per square foot than mcdonalds
Spends 300 million on healthcare for employees
137,000 employees ( in 2010).
Since 1987 opened two stores daily
Uses 93 million gallons of milk a year
On average serve 40 million customers a week
Generate 16 billion in annual revenue
Starbucks, the presentation
By Ciaran Voros
You'll never more than 10 miles away from a starbucks ( in America)
You can order dinner/booze
Have "secret locations"
Over 10 million use the Starbucks app
They made a Ski-thru
Living near a starbucks can increase your home value
Fun Facts
Name inspired by Moby Dick
Always opens/closes early/late
87,000 Frappuccino combos possible
Has secret menu
Starbucks cup in every scene of fight club
More Fun Facts
Circle tables make environment more inviting
Creator of pumpkin spice latte was a Stanford Basketball player
Even more fun facts
Calls employees partners
In South Korea there is a 5 story starbucks
They're Ski-thru is in California, Squaw Valley

Now you know more about the evolution Starbucks, and due to all the facts you have learned today I believe that Starbucks has influenced history, and in a great way, the history of Washington and, well as the World itself.
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