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DIM Tech_introduction

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Anna Bojti from DrPrezi.com

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of DIM Tech_introduction

The advantages of the system
Technical parameters
individual addresses
of the intelligent transmitter-receiver units make it possible to achieve
different light intensity
in space and in time as well.
The DIM Tech technology
The operation of the system
The elements of the lighting control system:
Further advantages
By applying our technology
the user can determine the rate of the saving
which can be between 20 and 50%.
In each lamp there is a transmitter-receiver unit which has
Hungarian innovation
We would like to introduce you our innovative development in street lighting.
We created a cost-efficient and reliable control system based on our own hardware and software.
We developed a light intensity and energy consumption control system using radio frequency and GSM network.
Would you like to be involved in the establishment of an intelligent street lighting network?
The system was developed to control the light intensity and the energy consumption of street lamps and interior light sources which are equipped with controllable electronic ballast.
The aim of our innovation is to find the optimum between the sufficient and the over- lighted conditions of the environment,
individual electronic address.
The reduced energy consumption is not only important from the economical point of view but it also significantly
decreases the ecological footprint
of mankind.
Central management
intelligent control
unit in the lamp (RF communication, power meter, power control)
(between the GSM and RF network)
The system is capable of
transferring data in both

Information is sent back for further data processing and action.
Innovation never stops.
central control unit
includes the whole year
lighting programme
of the lamps involved in the system
and it also defines their exact
geographical positions
central management software
sends out the command or query packages through the GSM network through the gateway to the
radio network.
In case of loosing communication with the gateway or in case of a connection failure at the gateway side the lamp controller units can switch to autonomous mode and control the lamps by themselves –
decentralized intelligence
Due to the
intelligent control
our system can
each lamp individually
according to the demands.
Significant savings
can be relaised by the control of the intensity which is adjusted by the user.
The savings can vary between
Our technology can be applied in
any type
of electronically controllable lamp type

retrofit installation
Decentralized intelligence
; supported by real time clock in the lamp controller units
Cheap as there is no need for the installation of a separate control signal cable
The radio frequency is used by our system is license free and no royalty must be paid for the radio protocol like in case of ZigBee
The commitment of the local municipalities to environmental friendly solutions can be enhanced by the participation in such investments.
Being part of the social responsibility of the local municipalities the reduced energy consumption deriving from the investment can be important as it results in the significant
decrease of the ecological footprint of mankind
Sizes, and GW and DTI plans
Product Family DTI-230
Product code DTI-230.2
Supply Voltage 90VAC-265VAC
Max. switched power 1 KW
IP rate IP44
Fuse [Switched Load] 5A Normal Fuse [Controller] 1A Normal
Operating temperature -25°C..+85°C Storage temperature -40°C..+125°C
Quiescent power 1.1 W
Channnel(s) 1 Interface type PWM, 1-10V
Weight 185 g
Power measurement accuracy 0.5%
Built-in power meter –
Power Tracking
Unique communication
opportunity after the realisation of the project
Additionally measured values:
line voltage,
current consumption of the load,
active power of the load,
power factor,
line frequency,
total power consumption.
Onboard radio features
RF carrier freq. ISM band 868.35 MHz RF TX power +5 dBm Modulation type FSK
Onboard energy measurement features
Supported readings VRMS, IRMS of the LOAD, PACTIVE of the LOAD, Line frequency, Power factor of the LOAD, total energy consumed by the LOAD in KWh
Other features
Built-in real time clock supporting automatic timed load control when there’s no connection either with the gateway or with the server .
Load power tracking - intelligent closed loop control constantly monitors the power consumed by the load and adjust the control signal automatically if there’s any difference compared to the the preseted value.
Our first reference from October 2012
The control software is web-based, user-friendly and multi-level access is available
The system uses more than 50 different commands to one lamp group ( including the commands of DTI-230 and the gateway)
Motion detection and special control options, for example contorl by push-button.
The open-ended software provides connection to the ”Smart City”.
Thanks to LED technology, maximum lighting performance is available almost immediately after switching.
Unlike other lighting technologies commonly used worldwide led lights demonstrate many new innovations that support modern and economic illumination of public areas.
The system can be used as a complete remote monitoring system based on fault significations and map database.
Displays for commercials; data are updated centrally.

Examples for system application:
Free WIFI in public areas
Set up online connections when connected with information interactive units in the interest of tourism
Online advertisements
Closed-circuit data transmission within industrial facility
Broadcast commercials in parking areas of shopping centres; updated centrally and no need for local data storage
Data transmission of public video surveillance systems

WIFI service at the public frequency 2.4GHz. After installation of high-speed connection of control units, high-quality WIFI service is available in the vicinity of networked fixtures.
Patented communication module!
Transmission distance: 90m … 200m. Frequency range: open 800 MHz.
Basically, the construction uses wireles communication among fixtures, which allows on-line control.
Long lifetime and low consumption are associated with LED technology, which reduce operating and maintenance costs significantly.
There is
Each DTI communicates with every other within its radio range.
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