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How too keep your body systems healthy

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mathilde scarlata

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of How too keep your body systems healthy

Keeping Your Body Systems Healthy
I will drink plenty of water to keep my urinary system healthy and running smoothly and so I stay hydrated.
Urinary System
I will get plenty of sleep so my body can stay alert and function well.
Nervous System
I will stay physically active every day so my body is in shape.
Endocrine System
I will warm up before exercising so I don't strain my muscles.
Muscular System
I will read directions when using any makeup so it does not give my skin a reaction or damage it.
Integumentary System
I will sit, stand, and walk with correct posture so I do not hurt or misshape any bones.

Skeletal System
I will avoid tobacco smoke so it does not damage my lungs or circulatory system.
Respiratory System
I will eat plenty of dietary fiber so I stay regular.
Digestive System

I will practice stress management so my blood pressure is not too high.
Circulatory System
Now you've learned how to keep your Body Systems healthy!
By Mathilde Scarlata
By Mathilde Scarlata
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