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April - Marketing Plan COSMETICS

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Elizabeth Lopez

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of April - Marketing Plan COSMETICS

Gloria Lopez
Christal Facey
Manvinder Kaur
Maria Brown April - Marketing Plan Theme: Our team selected the theme of Spring Celebration inspired by the blossoming flowers, longer days and hotter temperatures. As the spring/summer season is right around the corner, we’d like to create a plan to entice the customer to come join the Humber Spa for a treat. The Plan Humber College enrolls students from the age of 18 to 40. Our target market focuses on the age group of 20’s to 35’s as they are the students that typically enrolled for full-time studies. Our customer is usually busy with assignments and her job, so while she is on break for an hour, Humber Spa is located on campus and is easily accessible. Target Customer Our client is from the big city of Toronto and is currently studying Fashion Arts, Media, Business or Travel and Tourism. She also enjoys pampering herself whenever she has spare time in between classes as her schedule is very chaotic with her personal life. Her behaviour characteristics include the following:
•Always on top of her studies
•Desire to feel stress-free
•Receiving more for her money/ cost-conscious Behavior Charactertistics Marketing Calendar Our seasonal event revolves around a package “pampered and stress-free”. An introductory service for new members that have yet to try our products. (Returning members are eligible to participate) This package includes Environmental Control Treatment (valued at $40), Spa Manicure (valued at $15), a body treatment and a complimentary dessert. All together, It is priced at $65.

We plan on sending an E-BLAST to the consumer (external) explaining the details of the package and the benefits it comes with. This is a great way to finish off the semester by getting yourself pampered with your closest girlfriend.

As for the Internal marketing pieces, employees will have a flyer in the back room and front desk of the Spa to with the package layout and pricing so new customers who are not aware from the e-blast gets the news as well. This is also a reminder for the employees of what consists in the package and could answer any questions the client has in mind. Seasonal Event Season-less Event

Our season-less event is intended to be used all year It consists of a points card/stamp card given to returning and new members of the spa. The stamp card is stamped once a client brings a friend with them for a service, once they receive 10 points; they receive a 50% off discount on sale items of their choice.
Our purpose of this stamp card is to create buzz and new customers/traffic. This is also enables us to have a turn-around on our sale item providing us with new selling space for other products. We intend to distribute the stamp cards to each client that received a service or bought a product that explains on the back of the card what you can receive at 10 points. As for the employees, they will have a badge attached to their uniform that will say “Ask us about our points card!” so it will create a conversation between the employee and the client. We believe that the marketing tools used will add on to our spa’s success because of the buzz the events will create, it will also help us get new clients to the spa and turn over on our products and make way for the new ones and have a higher profits by the end of the day. Summary Stressed Out? Need to Relax? The Pampered & Stress Free Package is here - Enjoy your favorite spa services all in one with a complimentary dessert! Book your appointment today The Humber Spa (999) 000-0000
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