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Ancient Roman Soldiers by Cole Graydon

Learn all about Ancient Roman Soldiers

cole graydon

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Roman Soldiers by Cole Graydon

Colosseum The Colosseum was originally called the Flavian Amphitheater, but then the name was changed to the Colosseum. The name was taken from the Latin word, colossus, meaning a gigantic statue of the Emperor Nero, measuring 100-120 Roman feet (37 meters high )
which had occupied the location of the Colosseum in Ancient Rome. Shield of the roman soldier A soldiers shield wasn't round, it was oval, to adapt to the shape of the human body. It was usually made of wood or wicker- works. Ancient Roman Soldiers Life The life of a roman soldier was hard and disciplined.
They were trained to walk at least 20 miles a day under
a burden of 80 pounds. They had skills like swimming in rivers, climbing mountains, penetrate forests, and to
encounter every kind of danger. They could build walls, forts, and roads. They build over 250,000 miles of roads.
They also built numerous forts, to act as bases. the pay
was only 1 denarius a day. Weapons of the Roman Soldier Weapons consisted of a light spear, a pilum, or javelin, usually 6 feet long, with a steel point, and a cut-and-thrust sword. In the time of the Empire, they wore helmets and carried a sword and dagger. Each man carried a basket, saw, hatchet, a mattock, a chain, a leather strap, a hook, and provisions for three days. Pictures Thanks to... http://images.google.com/ Ancient Roman Soldiers http://www.roman-colosseum.info/ http://prezi.com/ By Cole Graydon Words To Know Emperor Nero:
A famous Roman Emperor

Flavian Ampitheater:

A cousin of the javelin

A tool used for mining Provision:
a sack for tools

A silver or gold coin in which a
roman soldier was payed with.
A soldier usually only recieved 1
a day.
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