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Early Human: Brain Evolution Timeline

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Melissa Fonseca

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Early Human: Brain Evolution Timeline

100,00 years ago-8,000 years ago
6-2 million years ago
During this time....

2 million- 800,000 years ago

During this time...
800,000 - 200,00 years ago
During this time
Specific Species and Brain Size
Australopithecus Afarenesis
Brain Size (Interal Skull Volume)
400-550 ml

Early Human:
Brain Evolution Timeline

Over the last 6 million years until present day, humans have evolved in countless ways. One of the ways were the changes in brain size over the millions of years. Since the beginning of humans until now, human brain size has tripled in size. Australopithecus Afarensis' brain had an internal
volume of only 400 ml.
By early Homo Sapiens, brain size had increased to an internal volume of 1,200 ml.
This is because as humans were faced with more difficult tasks and challenges, their brain had to grow bigger to adapt. Bigger brains were needed to complete increasingly difficult tasks. This increase in brain size was what helped early humans survive the daily challenges, including looking for food (hunting,) climate changes, and more.

During this time, brain size hadn't increased much, but
humans began to:

Humans began to make simple tools, used to cut meat and food, (these tools include sharp flakes and hammerstones) which was a useful tool in preparing meat and harder thing to cut.
Humans started to walk upright
Brain Size
Early humans started to go and live on other continents.
People began to socialize with each other and share food and resources.
Brain size increased because of these new environments , humans had to adapt to be able to overcome challenges they never encountered in their previous living space. This also resulted in increased brain and body size.
They made controlled fires (790,000 years ago)
Brain Size
Since by this time they had migrated to other places, and they were faced with the challenge of adapting to Basically, it was this increase in brain size that kept them alive under their new environment .

During this time

They buried the deceased with precious items.
8,000 years ago humans started writing
Technology became more advanced, such as tools with more pieces
Early Humans (many subtopics)
I used:
Language and Symbols
Tools and Food


With these bigger brains they are able to make simple tools.
(around 2 million years ago)
Sources (continued)

Websites I Got Pictures From:


(no information from that wesite, just the picture)

Homo Erectus
600 ml
Early Homo Sapiens
1,200 ml
Brain Size Comparison
This is the endocast

(of a Homo Erectus (on the left) and Homo Sapiens (on the right)
There is significant
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