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The Bible Timeline

This is the story of Jesus in skits and paragraphs

Daniela Flores

on 16 February 2015

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Transcript of The Bible Timeline

The Bible Timeline
After some time God came and made
Abraham an offer. He told Abraham to leave his home with his family and that he would bless him and make him a nation.Whenever we try something new we need to trust that God will help us do it.

1800 BCE Abraham
1600- 1250 BCE Settlement in Egypt
Abraham and Sarah's descendants follow Joseph into Egypt. God spoke to Jacob reassuring him that it was okay and God would be with him the entire way. Sometimes we are scared of new places but we must remember that God is with us the entire way.
1250-1050 BCE Entry into Canaan
1250 BCE Moses/Exodus
1030-930 BCE
Kings of Israel
Beginning in 800 BCE The Prophets
587-538 BCE Exile in Babylon
538-400 BCE Return to Jerusalem
4 BCE Jesus' Birth
27-30 CE Jesus' public ministry
30 CE Jesus' death and resurrection
30 CE The coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
30-110 CE Spread of
Christianity and the writing of the New Testament
49-62 CE Paul's Ministry
Jesus was crucified. Everyone was sad and in darkness. Three days after, he rose from the dead.
This shows how much God loves us and he will always forgive us.
Exodus tells how Moses lead the people out of Egypt. God told Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery because he had seen how his people were treated by the Egyptians and
that they had lost hope. Even when we are feeling depressed and out of hope we must remember that God will help us find hope and faith.

After traveling a long time from Nazareth to Jerusalem Mary gave birth to Jesus. God sent Jesus down to earth to save us from our sins. God will always be
with us and never abandon us.
By Daniela, Jadyn and MaryYounis
All the Jews returned to their home, Jerusalem. They rebuilt the temple and planed to regain God's protection. The religion of law became Judaism. We should say sorry for our sins and follow Jesus' footsteps.
Every king had turned away God and sinned. Saul became the first King. David created a nation and Saul became jealous. Solomon builds the Temple. Some people honor others
instead of God and some just
turn God down.
The prophets are people sent from God to bring messages to the people. They will warn people about the suffering that will be laid upon them if they ignore God for any longer.We should listen to God and be good to others and not sin to make the world a better place.
The Hebrew people have trouble settling the "promising land" even though God's plan was for the Israelites to live there. When we have hopes and dreams we must work to make them come true.
Jesus began teaching people about God and the Holy Spirit. He told people to love others and themselves. We should follow Jesus to the end and believe that he is always with us.
Since the Isrealites sinned and didn't repent, God didn't protect them. Babylon attacked them and took many of their people captive. We can't leave our mistakes behind, we must repent and speak to God.
Jesus' disciples gathered in a room after Jesus' resurrection. God sent the holy spirit to them in the form of fire. After they went and preached. God will always provide help for us so we can serve him.
After the Pentecost Jesus' apostles went all over the world to preach and wrote about Jesus. They had the ability to speak other languages so they could teach others. It is our responsibility to spread the word of God.
Paul one of Jesus' disciples answered questions, settled disagreements in the church, and promoted unity. We shood be kind and think in a calm Christian way.
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