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No description

Mr. Stack

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of USS. STACK

The USS Stack was built at Norfolk Navy Yard in Norfolk Virginia.

USS STACK was launched in November of the 1930's and was sent to the Indies and Brazil on shakedown missions before being shipped to the Atlantic in June of 1941. The USS Stack was overhauled and then served on Neutrality Patrols and other missions in the Atlantic and Caribbean until June of 1942. At that point , USS Stack was sent to escort The USS Wasp to the Pacific along with a convoy with other ships, where she remained until mid- 1943.
Ship being launched
[not USS Stack]


Stack arrived in San Diego on December 30th of 1945 for stripping and reduction of her personnel. She sailed two weeks later for Pearl Harbor and ultimate disposal. She was assigned to joint task force1 as a target for Operation Crossroads, the atomic bomb tests to be held in the Marshall Islands. Stack arrived at Bikini Atoll on May 29 1946. She survived the bomb tests of July and August and was decomissioned in the Marshalls on August 29th 1946. Stack was sunk by gunfire near Kwajalein April 24th 1948 and struck from the Navy list on May 28th. Stack received 12 battle awards for World War ll service.
World War ll badges
USS Stack
By: Cooper Fitzgerald
In this prezi you will learn about a very cool war ship that served in World War ll and Pearl Harbor. The name of this ship is USS Stack. Read more to find out more.
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