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Customer service TEMPLATES

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Customer service TEMPLATES

Customer service TEMPLATES
Asking for information
Could you please provide me with________?
May I know the reason why __________?
May I have_________?
Would you be so kind to provide me with_______?
Let me have your_________please?
Would you mind telling me__________?
Let me spell your ________, so I make sure I have the correct letters/numbers
I'm going to spell your _______ back to you to confirm
Let me see if I understood. You are calling because....
Before I address your concern let make sure I understand exactly what are you saying, Mrs. Jones I'm hearing that....Is that correct?
Asking for/Offering clarification
Could you spell your ____ for me?
Could you repeat your______for me?
Can you spell your _________ using examples like B as in Bravo?
I'm sorry but unfortunately I was not able to access your account. May I have your_________ one more time?
I'm sorry, I'm not quite clear on......
I beg your pardon
Pardon me
I'm sorry the line's bad, could you repeat what you just said?
I'm sorry but I can barely hear you(
I hear you too far away). Could you get closer to your phone's speaker (
could you speak louder)?
Assurance of help/Apologizing
Don't worry. I'll find out right now
I'd be glad to clarify this for you
I will do my best to help you out with this
We are sorry for this inconvenience. Let me go ahead and fix this for you
Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience
I truly apologize for this inconvenience. I will take care of it right away
Informing the customer about what are you doing, or asking him to hold
Please bear with me on the line while ______________
Please wait a moment while I access ______________
Please allow me a moment while I change _______ for you
Please give me a couple of seconds while __________
Please hold briefly while I read the notes
Do you mind holding on the line
May I place you on hold
Delivering bad news
I do understand that is important for you to____.I wish I could have that option available,but what I can suggest at this moment is __________
I'm afraid that is not possible because_______, but one alternative for you could be________
I have processed a refund for $_____. Our company will release the fund to your financial institution within 24 business hours. Please check with your bank in the next 3-7 business days for the status of your refund. You will receive an email confirming the information we just reviewed
I see that our company processed and released your credit refund on ________, If it has not posted to your account yet, you may want to check with your financial institution, as they must still be processing it
Credit cards
May I have your credit card number?
I'm afraid I'm getting an error message saying that the credit card was declined. do you have another credit card, We can try?
It seems that this credit card doesn't have sufficient founds to process the purchase/booking. I suggest that you get in contact with your bank to check your card status
If you require additional assistance, please call us back
I'm glad I was able to assist you
I will place my notes on your account, so that the next agent knows what I did and is able to follow up
Pronunciation practice
Watch session #
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