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Getting Started with Business Research

No description

Julie Fronmueller

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Getting Started with Business Research

Business students
need all kinds
of information.
Getting Started
Business Research
Where do I find
if I can't use
Google to find all my sources?
What kinds of
Business Resources
does the
library have?
What do I need to know?
Some examples are:
Company, industry,
marketing campaign
or tax law information.
My professor says I
can't use all internet
sources and I need
something called a
Scholarly Journal.
The Library (of course)
Subscription Databases (where you can find scholarly, as well as other kinds, of articles).


Company and Industry Reports

Financial Reports

Tax Law
Research Help

In Person or via text, phone or email.
How do I get these resources?
On the 4th-6th floors of the Library.
E-books through the online catalog.
Also, from other libraries
through inter-library loan.
Articles through subscription databases-

Through the library's home page,
under the Articles & Databases tab.
Databases are listed by
name and subject area.
The Business Databases contain company and industry information, business news, stock and investment information, tax law, advertising case studies, regional business news, company financial data and more. They are available anywhere you have internet access.
Just ask a Librarian if you don't know which is the appropriate resource to answer your question. We are here to help!
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