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The Cool Connection demo - Sales Manager_1

No description

Turner TIAN

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The Cool Connection demo - Sales Manager_1

Find the reports for Sales Manager Quick Tour Sales Assess the market potential and develop customer strategies

Negotiate the terms of delivery and payment with the customers

Manage The Cool Connection's product categories Sales Manager plays an extremely important role Take decisions to save The Cool Connection Multiple customer-product reports sorted in different ways Financial results of the customers click 'Yes' to negotiate There are five reports for Sales Manager Sales manager makes agreements and maintain relationships with the customers
The price is reflected by Contract Index
Long payment term and high service level for a customer will lead to a high Contract Index, and vice versa Some terms are negotiable within a specified range

Each customer has its own preferences on the terms and different policies on these constraints A value out of the range will not be accepted by the customer Product category management is only available if The Cool Connection disagrees with the complete assortment to a customer Disagree the 'Complete assortment' to a customer www.thecoolconnection.org Demand and other results regarding all the finished products Product/Customer Customer/Product Customer develop KPIs to measure The Cool Connection and its service quality Underperforming KPIs will be reported by alerts open the agreement negotiate both operational and financial terms calculate Contract Index and make a deal
loose deadline Improve service lengthen payment term
Click 'Calculate' and get a better Contract Index Then you can easily manage the product categories with the customer Know your customers
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