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Special Education and Technology

Research Proposal

Melissa Nestor

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of Special Education and Technology

Special Education


Melissa Nestor

Research Question:
How can the diverse needs of special education students be supported through the use of technology in their academic subjects?
Among the studies we found interesting were:

• Ullman (2014)

• Whitby, Leininger, and Grillo (2012)

• Narkon, Wells, and Segal (2011)

Technology stimulates growth potential

Positive benefits of technology outweigh the negative

Technology facilitate learning across all academic subjects
Data collection procedures planned:
Assurance of ethical considerations while collecting data:
Assurance of appropriate concern for accuracy in data collection procedures:
Plan for organizing and analyzing data to be collected:
Assurance that the potential results of the data analysis will be related to the research question:
Plan for having competent peers review the findings:
Next Steps...
The participants will be chosen based on a random selection of middle school teachers (both special education and general education) and special education students from grades 6 – 8 in various socioeconomic environments.

Correlation between the pre and post tests

Decisions to include data will be unbiased

Randomly selected samples
Data Flowchart
Given to students before these start of the semester
Technology used throughout the semester
Exit Questionnaire
Questionnaire to be given to teachers and students based on their opinions of the
effectiveness of technology
Given to students after a semester of instruction with various technologies
Relation of our Proposal to Existing Knowledge of the Topic
Supporting evidence:
- articles, journals, and web sources

Existing body of knowledge:

Theoretical assumptions:

Diverse socioeconomic environments

Reproduction of data

Pre/Post Tests
Data will be collected and recorded on a spread sheet

Teacher responses will be tallied
Student responses will be tallied

Editors of journals (special education, technology, education)
People who are uncompensated
People who are unbiased and who have no conflict of interest
People who are blind to the source of the manuscript

Have research published!

Follow up research in five years


Test scores: spreadsheet software
Questionnaires: patterns
Sample questions:

Do you get adequate technology time during the week?

Have you received sufficient technology training ?

Would you be open to advanced technology instruction?
The analysis of data will be scrutinized:

: gains / no gains = influence of technology

: opinions = professional development / training

Advantages of technology for students with disabilities:

• Retain vocabulary
• Attention/participation/engagement
• Cooperative group work
• Access to curriculum that was previously inaccessible
• Increase self-esteem
• Motivation/success

Avoid conflicts of interest
Avoid conflicts in sponsorship and funding
Peer reviewed
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