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Are women better parents than men?

AP Lang 2012-13, Gender Stereotypes

Patricia Dixon

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Are women better parents than men?

While every person is different and there are exceptions upon exceptions, most evidence points to the fact that females generally adhere to the role of parenthood more suitably than males. Are women better parents than men? What Makes someone a "good parent?" okay, so what? Is simply loving your child enough?
is it the success of your child?
is it being able to provide a steady environment for your child?
is it determined by the character your child develops?

The answer is there is no answer. This is all subjective, making this question a lot harder to answer in black and white. In 2009, only 17.6 percent of custodial (single) parents were fathers.
The court usually grants custody to the parent who will care for the child best... think about it
This number has stayed pretty much constant since 1994. Source 3: Custodial mothers and fathers and their children: 2009 Fathers are simply not as attached.
Paternity uncertainty: Fathers do not carry the baby, don’t nurse the baby, they don’t have a physical/emotional attachment. (They technically don’t even know if it's their kid)

Higher fitness ceiling: Males are capable of having more children and are able to have children until a much older age in comparison to most women.
Effect: Each child is subconsciously more important to the mother. Source 1: Why are mothers better parents
than fathers? Part II When placed in an environment with just one parent...
-Boys living with their mothers scored significantly higher in scholastic, athletic and physical domains.
-In reading and spelling, girls living with their mother outperformed both girls and boys living with their father.
Lesbian social mothers (non-biological mothers) had higher quality parent-child interactions, were more committed as parents, and were more effective in child rearing when compared to fathers in heterosexual marriages." Source 2: Mothers absence, the myths and facts Women are expected to have kids- or at least to want to- and if they don't? There's clearly something wrong with them. (crazy cat lady?)
A man who isn't the best father is understandable, a bad mother might as well be a felon.
No! Wrong. All of this is a generalization, every person is different.
Some mothers aren't fit to be parents... and some men are fit to be! Just because men aren't AS capable doesn't mean they aren't capable. Now we just need proof that this even matters at all... Okay but this hardly represents the whole... Hence, my conclusion... women are generally better parents Patricia Dixon
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