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Presentation 101

No description

Emily Thompson

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Presentation 101

Presentation 101
What are we doing today?

What not to do.
Where to find pictures.
How to make the pictures look pretty.
Power Point alternatives.
Know your audience.
What do they know already?
What DON'T they know?
Try not to put too much text on your slides. Stick with around three bullet points. It's better to have more slides with less content on each one than it is to have one slide with everything on it. If you are copying and pasting directly from your paper, chances are, you've got too much text on your slide.
See, the thing is, people can't read this much text AND listen to you. The human brain doesn't work that way. They will either read or listen. And if you're reading your slide word for word, well, that's just boring. It's the quickest way to lose your audience. Once lost, they are very hard to get back.
Dress like you got dressed on purpose:
And face the audience.
Show, don't tell.
But most of all, keep everything relevant.
keep it simple, stupid
Most importantly: You have a new story to tell, and YOU are the expert.
Watch your colors and templates.
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